There are lots of sins, but as is being gay to the religious right, so is being fluffy to the Pagan right.

Fluffiness is that state which is achieved, when through one's first attempts at meditation, one succeeds all too well in achieving the state of "emptiness" in one's mind. We need to remember that an empty mind is easily filled - nature does abhor a vacuum.

Now, just because you've been able to void your mind of rational thought, this does not mean that Joe-river-walking-raven-fodder, who just published his 42nd book of ultimately powerful love spells is going to be able to help you find a dream-date each night for a year, after-which, you'll be disease-free and have found your soul-mate.

Now to the Pagan conservative, where a fluffy environment means "land of the walking brain-dead", to those who are seeking to make the next quick buck, it means a target-rich environment, with a whole bunch of people ready to part with their (or their parent's) money. They will try to get the fluff to buy dozens of books that they'll probably never read, promising that they'll be powerful witches because they now have the secret.

Well folks, The antidote to the fluff-virus isn't in a book. It's not on the Internet. You won't find it in a video at Blockbuster. The only antidote to fluffiness is work - something that this "I think I'm getting a headache, I need some drugs", instant gratification world of ours definitely eschews. But before we get to that, here's how to be truly fluffy.

Do you want to be an herbalist? Here - read this web site. (There is no way to become a real herbalist in 17 Internet-based lessons)

Do you want to be a real (TM) witch? - read this web site. (See, a web site can tell you if you're a witch - no study involved!)

Fluffiness has nothing to do with being new - it's an attitude that supposes that everything should be easy. It's an attitude that says "why work for something that someone else can buy for me?" You're not going to become a witch or a druid or anything else by reading a book or by buying a degree. Sorry, like everything else in life, it's going to take work. And until you get ready to work, and until you can get over the hero worship of your favorite author, and until you can recognize that the real power is IN YOU, and you take the time to learn discipline and hard work, you're going to stay fluffy.

Now there are good things about being fluffy -

1. Fluffy = less mass = less damage when you fall.
2. Fluffy = less weight = maybe those jeans will fit better.
3. Fluffy = less work = less work!!!
4. Fluffy = less weight = so, if I weigh less, I ought to be able to get discounted air fare - right?
5. Fluffy = less weight = better gas mileage in my car!

Worry not my child - thy penname is paid. Fluffiness is its own forfeit.

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