The Eating of Beans Prior to Ritual

So the High Priestess told you she wanted you to bring your instrument for the musical interlude during ritual and you forgot it. Trust me - beans are not a proper substitute. Sure, as skilled as you are, you can probably toot-out Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee in most any key, on demand. But there is still a difference between a flute and a toot, and anyone who's got more than one or two rituals under their belt knows that garlic breath playing a flute is infinitely more preferable to Jack's "Baked-Bean Ass-Horn", no matter how many years of practice he's got!

So can the beans (or keep the beans in the can), and bring the real instrument if you're playing. If you just have to have beans, and you are that talented, then stick to the rest-notes and stand down-wind.

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