Misrepresenting the Burning Times

This is the cardinal sin of Neo-Paganism.

The stake is on the top of the hill, hay bales are about it. Lock yourself in and light the match yourself.

Yes, we've all heard of 9,000,000 women in Europe killed. If that really happened, shoot me. I'll buy you the gun. (By the way, I'm broke right now, but front me the money - I'm good for it)

Here's a perfect case of "do the math". There is no way that European civilization could have withstood the killing of 9,000,000 women in the years in question - it's simply impossible. Given the fact that the population of all of Europe during that time-frame was less than 100,000,000 the killing of 9,000,000 women would have pretty much halted population growth in Europe. The truth is that this number was arrived at through faulty estimates.

Did the burning times happen? Yes, they did. Were they horrible? Absolutely. Were they a criminal act taken against women and pagans and homosexuals? Yes, they were. Do we want to do all that we can to prevent a repeat? Absolutely.

But we must combat ignorance with truth, not with further ignorance and lies.

Please, if you're new to paganism, don't go off on the burning times, seeking some false and vicarious satisfaction from being part of a culture that was once persecuted. It's unseemly, and burning flesh is not pleasing to the nose.

Thou shalt light one candle, upon which thou shalt stare and remember that the number of people killed in the burning times was too many, but was thousands, not millions. Then shalt thou do some research and seek a more accurate number.

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