Belief in False Gods

I'm sorry ... did I hear you say you were a Pagan?

If you clicked here, you must either still be carrying a bit of another religion with you, or you still have a problem with the word "polytheist".

Honestly, from a pagan perspective, the only gods who are going to have a problem with false gods are false gods. Now certainly there are things you can do during ritual to make a mess of things ... mixing it up with deities from different cultures is not always a great idea - the gods of a conquered people may not appreciate seeing the gods of those who conquered them in the same ritual. But that's different than invoking a "false" god.

What is a "false god"? A false god is a god that is not real. To Christians, any other God is false. But to a Pagan, a polytheist, a false god is little more than a concept that causes one to scratch her head. The closest that we might come is one who claims, for example, to practice Celtic Wicca, yet worships Isis, Osiris and similar deities. But this isn't worshiping false gods - it's just fluffy paganism(1).



(1) Fluffy, in this case, refers to the widespread practice of not knowing what the hell one is doing. The present example, of claiming to follow Celtic practices, while inserting the deities of competing cultures is a common practice among the pagan species of homo-paganus-fluffifimus - a practice which one usually outgrows following the "I'm a teenage witch" years.

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