False Witness


Really, Don't.

If we're telling lies about someone else, we're doing so likely for one reason alone - to feel better about our self. It might be revenge, or to improve our status - whatever. But tearing someone down through lies is really poor form, and it won't get you anywhere.

Witches, Druids, Pagans - our word is our power. And the moment we use that word for such a malign purpose, it has lost its value and its effectiveness. In trashing another person, we make ourselves base and what becomes worthless is our word. With each lie we tell, we are digging a hole from which escape is more and more difficult.

If you've lied about someone else - if you lie at all, make right your words.

Lying can become habit-forming. Break the cycle now, while you can. And then move on to the more fun sins.

No penance here except to make right what was wrong, and to pray that Karma will be kind. (It's probably Karma that got you here anyway!)

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