Forgetting Ritual

This is a grave problem that can take many forms. Here are some examples:

You set up the altar and forgot the salt. The High Priestess begins the ritual: Blessed be thou creature of .... er .... what else is on the Altar ... cake? OK ... Blessed be thou creature of cake of whom salt is but one of the ingredients .... It sort of loses its effectiveness if you know what I mean.

We face the direction of the South ... the direction of ... .... oh shit. See what I mean?

Sure, there is some leeway, but we do need to remember at least something.

Thy penance o ye of the premature senior moment, brought about by a failure to spend more time in study is to remedy the situation. Thou shalt begin to work on the next ritual immediately following the last. Thou shalt do this for the one year-and-a-day that thou shouldst have spent doing so early on. Soon shalt thou learn that one year of study will truly yield a student who knows ritual!

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