Now Come On!

We all want something. If we didn't want it, we'd never get it! Greed is a fact of life and it's only a sin because people who can't get what they want don't want others who can get what they want to do so. Greed is a word that simply means ambition backed up by action. It's not wrong to want - it is wrong to be consumed by want.

So don't bow down to those who claim humility but simply lack ambition - figure out what it is that you want, get off your ass and get it done!

Do you want to be rich? Then stop complaining about those who are, figure out what you can do, and go ahead and do it! Just make sure that you don't harm others in the process.

For thy penance, thou shalt install tacks upon thy seat until thou dost learn how to stay off thine ass and move forward toward thy goals.

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