Now here we're getting into the fine art of splitting hairs.

Do you begrudge your neighbor what they have, or do you merely want to have something for yourself, which you have earned?

Or the more interesting form of jealousy - do you get upset when someone looks at your lover? Now that's really interesting. If you're a guy, and you get all bothered when another guy looks at your woman, what, exactly are you thinking? You want your lover to look great so what - nobody else will notice? Get over it!

Here's the deal - you've got, they like, you get angry, you lose, they get. It's a nasty formula, but it often seems to work.

Here's the cure - you've got, they like, you take the high road and appreciate their fine taste, they find something else, everyone stays happy. It's actually less complicated than the first formula and will help to keep your blood pressure down.

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