Ok, Really?

If you're here, you should be a pagan. If you still believe that having lust in your heart is a sin, then you have been holding on to some things just a little too tightly. You really need to let go!

It's not what you want that makes you evil, it's what you DO. In all honesty, isn't looking at a hot body and not recognizing it as such more of a sin than noticing it in the first place?

The 17th century is GONE! We don't dress in black and white any more and pretend that our parents never had sex.

For your penance, ye shall depart from this place and enter ye into another where movies of the highest quality are vended, and there shall ye purchase one or more, and ye shall betake that film to thy home and watch it in honor of Eros, the God whom thoud didst dishonor by thy foolishness.

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