Aspirations for Public Office

Truly your sin is grave. But your danger to yourself, psychologically, is placing you in far graver danger.

Let's look at what this means - not only are you wretched, but you wish to have each and every orifice of your wretchedness examined, probed, queried, photographed and put on display for the world to see! This is NOT normal!

Rather than penance, you are desperately in need of other forms of support. At this moment, other than hiking the Appalachian trail, there are only two solutions:

1. You can take all of your old journals, tax records, employment reviews, academic records, medical records and so forth, and publish them in the public domain. Let's face it - people will be asking for all of this anyway, and if they don't get it, they'll make it up! By announcing your candidacy, you've screwed yourself already - it's best to just dump now. Your sexual proclivities will be found out. If you like wearing dog collars and diapers and crawling on all fours - the best you can do is do so with dignity from now on. If science is your mythology and mythology your science - embrace the fact. Getting hot under the collar when you're called on it will only further exacerbate the problem. Sorry - that's just the way it is.

2. Start drinking or taking hard drugs - you're far more likely to do better when you get back from rehab. Then you can blame all they dig up on you now on your "youthful indiscretions".

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