Pagan Standard Time
Late for Ritual again
People waiting for you to get your butt into gear
Late for dinner

Let's face it - you're the sort who gives the rest of us a bad name. You're the kind who keeps us either waiting unti we've all lost a good ten pounds sweating in our robes in the middle of summer until you decide to come along with the ritual items you said would have been there an hour-and-a-half ago - or you only decide to show up just after the sky opens up and we could have had a pleasant out-door ritual. You know who I'm talking about. You know that you couldn't be on-time even if someone shoved a rocket engine up your behind with twenty minutes to spare. You're the sort that starts writing 2010's calendar in 2012. Sure it's accurate, but it's not much good when planning for tomorrow.

For this transgression, amends must be made. Ways must be changed.

Thy penance, thou who art so frivolous with others' time shall be to be equally frivolous with thine own. Yea, time is money as the wise one observed - thus thy money shall be representative to thee of other's time. Thou shalt find the a suitable charity, and when thou dost find thyself late, and others waiting, thou shalt deposit into the account of thy favorite charity a sum of money representative of the time which thou dists waste. From this day forward this shall be thy motivation.

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