Welcome to the PaganFM! almanac for February 1, 2009. It’s the 32nd day of the year. This, of course, makes Heather very happy, because now, the day of the month, and the day of the year are different, thus announcing them both makes a great deal more sense. This pleases Dee as well, because she will no longer … at least until next year, receive that scornful look from Heather when reading the date.


Please note that times given for astronomical / astrological events are in Eastern Standard time.


Today, at 1:08 pm, the Moon Squares Mars and goes void of course. It enters Taurus at 5:09 pm.

It was on this day in 1973 that Leo Martello received his Third Degree in Welsh Traditional Witchcraft. Dr. Martello was a staunch activist for civil rights, and made his way to the Summerlands on June 29, 2000 at the age of 69.


Mon. Feb 2, 1st Quarter moon at 6:13 pm.

Monday is Imbolc and Ground Hog Day.


Tuesday, February 3, sees the Moon Trine Mars and void of course at 8:27 pm, and entering Gemini at 9:14 pm.


Thursday, at 12:44 pm, the Moon trines Neptune and is void of course. She enters Cancer at 11:06 pm.


On Saturday, the Moon opposes Mercury and is void of course at 2:07 pm. She enters Leo at 11:43 pm.


Coming up for local events,


If you would like me to list an event, please email me at dee@paganfm.com

Any event submitted must include the following:

Event name,
Event date,

Event location,
Contact person,
Contact phone number or email address,
Description of event,

Your email address and / or telephone number.

I will not post any event that I'm unable to confirm, nor events that I don't believe would be of interest to PaganFM! listeners. The earlier that you can get an event to me, the better.


Ongoing, weekly:

Prayer Requests

Every Sunday
Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Location: Your own home
Notes: Please answer this request post stating your reason for healing energy and/or prayers sent your way. Prayer requests can be asked for other than healing and for other than yourself.
A white candle will be lit for you on Sunday unless you request another color to be used. This is a group event so the more people involved the better. Feel free to join sending out energy. Always keep in mind that requests are always done for the highest good of all concerned. This may mean the outcome may be different than we hope for. The spiritual healing work we do is designed to work in harmony with other treatment modalities, not as a subsitute.


Repeating event:
2nd Saturday of each month
New Hampshire Seacoast Pagans have their monthly meeting at Karnan House in Portsmouth, from 2:00 to 6:00.
This is an informal gathering for Pagans. Most of us are from the Portsmouth Seacoast area, but all are welcome. We provide free coffee and tea, and usually somebody will bring some food. There’s no agenda – just hanging out, networking and good conversation.
For more information about this event, visit:

First Tuesday Drum & Chant Circle

Meets the First Tuesday of each month
in the
Misty Meadows Learning Center


7:30-9 PM

Misty Meadows Herbal Center
183 Wednesday Hill Rd.
Lee, NH 03861



The Moon Pool coven's email list was attacked by hackers, so that list is temporarily down. They did send out this event reminder recently though.

Event Reminder - Sun Jan 25th, 2009
If your New Years Resolution was to pay more attention to your spiritual
life; we invite you to check out the upcoming events at
http://www.MoonPool.org. Our mission is almost identical to that of the
UUH To assist each person with their spiritual development.
In addition to the events listed on our website we will also be serving
the Community Meals on Sat Feb 7th. Please keep that
afternoon open if you wish to help.


This comes to us from K' Wiley, SJ Tucker's assistant.

We would like to officially announce an amazing new project that SJ
Tucker is undertaking.

We are launching a nationwide adventure, woven throughout dozens of
cities and countless points on the internet, culminating in a train
ride that will not be forgotten. You could -be- on that train with SJ
Tucker, Catherynne M. Valente, and a few other special guests, as they
ride The City of New Orleans.

Find out more about the train, below...

This "Off the Map" adventure is based on Catherynne M. Valente's
upcoming urban fantasy novel: Palimpsest. You may recall SJ's work
based on Ms. Valente's previous books (The Orphan's Tales), and she's
doing it again, but in an entirely different fashion.

Participants in the adventure will be party to a number of unique and
exclusive 'finds' throughout the next couple months. Expect to
discover new original music by SJ Tucker, special recordings of
readings from the book, and beautiful artwork from a variety of
fabulous artists. Keep your eyes peeled on the various websites,
blogs, forums, podcasts, and social interaction sites where you have
heard or seen SJ Tucker or her music in the past. Clues for the
adventure could appear anywhere - even in your own city... even in
this e-mail.

The game will begin with the new year and is expected to extend into
mid-summer 2009. The highlight of this adventure, however, takes
place on the weekend of March 19th to March 23rd, 2009.

We're telling you about this NOW, because it's a huge event and you'll
have to act soon to get involved and because there are advantages to
getting a head start over everyone else in the country.

SJ Tucker and Catherynne M. Valente invite you to join them as they
Ride the City of New Orleans.

Expect a beautiful train ride from Chicago (or Memphis) to New
, a dramatic Friday night about town with SJ Tucker and
Catherynne M. Valente, a full Saturday to explore the city, and an
exclusive, super-special musical performance on Saturday night.

This trip package includes round trip tickets on AMTRAK's City of New
, two nights stay at the group destination hotel, and a VIP
pass to the weekend's entertainment.

Your VIP pass will also apply at a special event in Chicago on
Wednesday the 18th, if you happen to be in town. It may -also- be
applicable at other special events that we have in the works.

More details will be revealed according to the needs of our upcoming adventure.

Ticket pre-sales have now begun. Space is very limited, so let us
know if you're interested in attending and we'll try to reserve a
ticket for you.

Sign up for the trip at: http://www.skinnywhitechick.com/neworleans.php

Special advance pricing for tickets purchased before December 26th, 2008

* $295 per person, for participants starting in Memphis
* $395 per person, for participants starting in Chicago

Standard pricing for tickets purchased before January 16th, 2009

* $395 per person, for participants starting in Memphis
* $495 per person, for participants starting in Chicago

All of these prices are based on double occupancy. Please purchase
tickets in pairs or let us know whom you would like to share your
accommodations with.

Discounted sleeper rooms may be available. Please let us know if you
are interested, and we will include you in our block rate request.

Contact K' Wiley for more details: kwiley@skinnywhitechick.com

Palimpsest relevant links:

Catherynne M. Valente relevant link:

SJ Tucker relevant link:

Gwiddon De Bedwin Stryd presents...


Feb. 4th. 2009 in Derry, New Hampshire

Imbolc, circle & celebration. (Cross Quarterday 2nd)

In celebration of Imbolc both a circle shall be cast and a celebration following. The circle will be led by Gwiddon De Bedwin Stryd upon the 4th of Febuary. (Cross Quarterday 2nd) You are not required to bring anything although snacks are greatly accepted. Though loose clothing is prefered we ask that you keep in mind the weather and dress accordingly. Forstbite is not at all our objective for this night.

11 Birch Street in Derry
Please Arrive by 7:30 (Class 7pm) for the Circle at 8pm and Celebration

NH Pagan Pride will hold a fundraiser

Feb. 7th. 2009

Pagan Craft Fair

This event takes place at 669 Union St. in Manchester 10am - 3pm

Avi Magidoff, from the Acupuncture Medical Group, here in Portsmouth will be offering an

Introduction to Buddhist Meditation
at South Church (Karnan House, 206 Court Street in Portsmouth):

Saturday, February 28, 10am to 12:30pm

You can reach the Acupuncture Medical Group at 603-531-3130 or at www.acupuncturemedical.org


Myths&Maidens and Uncanoonuc CUUPS will host

As Within, So Without: Transformation Ritual

on Mar. 7th. 2009
At Myths & Maidens, 189 Kelly Street in Manchester, New Hampshire at 7:00 pm

The Event Details: ~
This ritual asks you to take upon the Charge of the Star Goddess:

"...And you who seek to know me,
Know that the seeking and yearning will avail you not,
Unless you know the Mystery:
For it that which you seek, you find not within yourself,
You will never find it without.
For behold,
I have been with you from the beginning,
And I am that which is attained at the end of desire."

"As Within, So Without" This is one of the Laws of Magick. According to this Law, who you are within is reflected upon your external life. If you have stability, love and security within you, then your life will mirror that around you. If your internal world is filled with old tapes of judgements and impatience, then the world around you will reflect that back . So how do we break the chains that we ourselves have created? The first step is to know who you are.

In the various disciplines of spirituality throughout the world, they all recommend the same first basic step: Know Thyself. This was written in ancient times on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. To become what you are meant to be, you need to know and accept who you are. Only then can you make true, lasting changes within your life.

Do you know who you are? Do you know where you are going? Is your life how you want it to be? This ritual will help guide you to make positive changes in your life. Let us begin to unlock the door within, and take upon ourselves the task of transforming - so that we may one day reach our full potential.

As Within, So Without: Transformation.

Uncanoonuc CUUPS celebrates the eight Sabats of the Wheel of the Year. We are an eclectic, Neo-Pagan group with Sabat rituals open to the public. Since we are eclectic, all of our rituals are unique with a different focus as we explore the variety that exists. People of all traditions and experience levels are welcome to join us.

Uncanoonuc CUUPS also performs serious energy work at the Esbats - many are open to the public, and a few are closed. Join us!

You can find Myths and Maidens at http://mythsandmaidens.com

They can be reached at 603-867-8465

Avi Magidoff, from the Acupuncture Medical Group will offer the Buddhist class:

Love, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity

Monday, March 9, 7pm to 9pm

At South Church's Karnan House located at 206 Court Street in Portsmouth, NH

For more information, contact the Acupuncture Medical Group, here in Portsmouth, at 603-531-3130


The annual meeting of the Order of the Pentacle will be held at the Pagan
Spirit Gathering, June 14-21, 2009 at Camp Zoe in Salem, Missouri, in the
center of the US. We hope you will join us this year!

Please help us get the word out about this year's PSG and its site change to
others you know -- forward this email to friends, post to blogs, websites,
e-lists -- thanks much!!!

Pagan Spirit Gathering 2009 will be held June 14-21 at Camp Zoe in Salem,
. This new site for PSG is a beautiful, private 330 acre campground
and concert venue in a valley in the magical Ozark region of south central
Missouri, surrounded by thousands of acres of national forest and private
timberland reserves.

In addition to its beautiful setting, Camp Zoe has the best facilities of
any of our four previous PSG sites. There are more shaded camping areas,
plus a large general store on site, large professional stages, and even some
indoor toilet facilities! Camp Zoe also has more options for refreshing
dips and swims -- a beautiful, spring-fed and clear Sinking Creek runs
through the entire camp and includes wading areas, beaches, and swimming
holes. Camp Zoe has more electricity, including electrical outlets for many
vendors, plus indoor spaces with electricity for PSG administrative staff
and Safety/First Aid services. Campground staff are friendly, skilled and
experienced in providing support for a variety of events, which have
included large concert gatherings as well as Pagan events.

Pagan Spirit Gathering, one of America's oldest and largest national Pagan
festivals, is a celebration of Summer Solstice that brings together Wiccans,
Druids, Heathens, Witches, Wizards, Pantheists, Shamanic Practitioners,
Unitarian Universalist Pagans, Goddess Folk, and other Nature religion
practitioners. Sponsored by Circle Sanctuary, PSG includes rituals,
concerts, workshops, leadership training, youth activities, merchanting,
bonfires, all night drumming and dancing, firespinning, and more. More
info: http://www.circlesanctuary.org/psg

Additional information about PSG 2009 & its new site will be posted on-line

Avi Magidoff, from the Acupuncture Medical Group will be offering a Buddhist class on

Total Relaxation and Touching the Earth
Saturday, April 4, 10am to 1pm


Understanding Karma
Wednesday, April 29, 7pm to 9pm

At the Karnan House of South Church.

For more information, contact Avi at 603-531-3130 or at www.acupuncturemedical.org


The Shamanic Pathways Healing Center will host a Women's Shamanic Retreat.

This is an ocen-front retreat on May 2nd, and 3rd, at The Lord's Guest House in Moody Beach, maine.

Women, stand up and take your power. Give back to yourself the nurturing, unconditional love and compassion you are bringing to your loved ones, family, friends, work and the universe.

The time is now, and that time is for you.

Space is limited.

For more information, call Ann Sousa at 978-479-1335, or email annsousa@yahoo.com

Avi Magidoff, from the Acupuncture Medical Clinic, here in Portsmouth, will offer the Buddhist class

Deep Listening as Deep Healing
Wednesday, May 6, 7pm to 9pm

At the Karnan House of Portsmouth's South Church.

For more information, contact Avi at 603-531-3130 or at www.acupuncturemedical.org


A Women's six-month Shamanic Apprenticeship will be taking place from April to September, 2009.

This event is hosted by Shamanic Pathways Healing Center, and space is limited to 18 women.

It includes a number of weekend overnight sessions and covers such topics as:

West African Shamanic cosmology,
Journeying with spirit teachers,
Talismanic Magic,
Self empowerment from the womb of the Earth Mother
and much more.

20% of the cost of the apprenticeship cost is donated to "Adopt An Elder" program in West Africa, in partnership with Malidoma Some, a West African Shaman.

For more information, contact Ann Sousa at 978-479-1335, or email annsousa@yahoo.com

© 2009, Deirdre A. Hebert