PaganFM! Almanac for July 20, 2008




Today is Sunday, the 20th of July, 2008

It’s the 202nd day of the year.


The moon will be void of course at 7:25 pm and enters Pisces at 9:07pm


On Tuesday, the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo at 6:55 AM. Tuesday also marks the anniversary of the execution of the Northamptonshire Witches. There are two separate accounts of this particular incident, and they differ in detail, but a number of women and a man (apparently four women and one man) were executed at Abbington Gallows in Northampton on this date in 1612.


On Wednesday, the 23rd, the moon is void of course at 2:39 and enters Aries at 4:22 am


Friday, the moon is void of course at 7:30 am, enters Taurus at 9:14 am and reaches the 4th quarter at 2:41 pm.

This day marks the death of Pope Innocent VII who issued the Bull Summis Desiderantes on December 5, 1484. This Bull was included as a preface to the Malleus Malificarum, presumably as a means to bolster support for that work. There is some disagreement as to how much Summis Desiderantes had on the witch trials and the Inquisition, with some Catholics minimizing that importance, and likely, some Pagans emphasizing it.


Saturday, July 26 marks the anniversary of the interrogation of witches in Chelmsford in 1566. Elizabeth Francis, Agnes Waterhouse, Joan Waterhouse were questioned, confessed and put to death. The death of Agnes is reported as a joyous event, as follows from Frank Luttmer’s edited version of the questioning:

And being demanded whether she was accustomed to go to church to the common prayer or divine service, she said yea and being required what she did there she said she did as other women do, and prayed right heartily there, and when she was demanded what prayer she said, she answered the Lord's Prayer, the Ave Maria, and the belief, and then they demanded whether in latin or in english, and she said in latin, and they demanded why she said it not in english but in latin, seeing that it was set out by public authority and according to God's word that all men should pray in the english and mother tongue that they best understand, and she said that Satan would at no time suffer her to say it in english, but at all times in latin: for these and many other offenses which she hath committed, done and confessed she bewailed, repented, and asked mercy of God, and all the world forgiveness, and thus she yielded up her soul, trusting to be in joy with Christ her savior, which dearly had bought her with his most precious blood. Amen.



Ongoing, weekly:


Prayer Requests


Every Sunday

Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Location: Your own home

Notes: Please answer this request post stating your reason for healing energy and/or prayers sent your way. Prayer requests can be asked for other than healing and for other than yourself.

A white candle will be lit for you on Sunday unless you request another color to be used. This is a group event so the more people involved the better. Feel free to join sending out energy. Always keep in mind that requests are always done for the highest good of all concerned. This may mean the outcome may be different than we hope for. The spiritual healing work we do is designed to work in harmony with other treatment modalities, not as a subsitute.


Repeating event:

2nd Saturday of each month

New Hampshire Seacoast Pagans have their monthly meeting at Karnan House in Portsmouth, from 2:00 to 6:00.

This is an informal gathering for Pagans. Most of us are from the Portsmouth Seacoast area, but all are welcome. We provide free coffee and tea, and usually somebody will bring some food. There’s no agenda – just hanging out, networking and good conversation.

For more information about this event, visit:



August 2, 2008


New England Pagans & Witches Lughnasadh Celebration at

Sunpoint Farms in Derry, NH


12:30 - 1:30 pm, Kids Games

2pm, ritual hosted by Triple Circle of Magick Coven

3pm Potluck dinner - bring foods in the spirit of the season / sabbat


Bread cook-off, with a prize for the best bread.


3:45 - 4:15 pm

Drum circle; drums, chants, Lughnassadh / Lammas stories that anyone might wish to share.




August 16, 2008 at Myths & Maidens


The Full Moon will be at its peak on this night with bright, cleansing, illuminating moonlight surrounding us. A perfect time to open ourselves to her silvery healing energy.


Everyone needs healing - whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. True healing is holistic ... it involves all aspects of who you are.


During this ritual, we will be invoking the Triple Goddess and will be asking for help from the Mother to channel her energy - the energy of the full moon, to pour through us for true healing.


Uncanoonuc CUUPS invites you to join us - come to this special healing ritual which will be held at Myths & Maidens at 189 Kelly Street in Manchester, at 7:00 pm on Saturday, August 16.


For more information, you can contact Myths & Maidens at 603-641-6043




August 15-17, 2008


WHITEOAK (Ord na Darach Gile) Lughnasad Druid Conclave East


A primitive camping event (bring your solar shower, water, tent, potluck food, cooler, bug stuff, etc.)


In Western MA. There is a grill for cooking. NO DOGS ALLOWED.


Musical instruments, poetic offerings encouraged. There will be a poetry and a craft competition!


A gathering for members of all Druid Orders and their friends. Formerly known as the "Druid Summit", it is a place in the forest where Druids from all paths come together to share and discuss issues of common relevance.


This year we will feature a bardic competition and a craft competition as well as a ritual in the forest. It is a primitive camping event on the weekend of August 15-17, 2008 in the hills of Western Massachusetts.


The food and drink are potluck, bring your own solar shower (and extra food and water), dried or fresh herbs and flowers (to offer to trees), silver coins (dimes and quarters) (to offer to water) and butter or oil (to offer to fire).


Plan to arrive Friday after 5 PM. Saturday we will do ceremony and Sunday morning we will have a blueberry pancake feast. We ask that you bring the bounty of the season to share with everyone (including pancake mix, blueberries, eggs, milk, bacon, etc. Please bring organic ingredients). Applicants will also be asked for a small donation to cover the rental of sanitary facilities. *Please note* this is not a Pagan gathering or a gathering for the general public. It is for Druids and close friends and family only.


To sign up please write to




Each meal is a "family style", that is, we all eat together at each meal. Plan to bring enough to feed yourself and several more at each meal (even if you are vegan, for example, you can bring extra veggies!). Some folks are volunteering to bring "extras".


September 13, 2008 Southern New Hampshire Pagan Pride Day


This event will be held at Victory Park, 119 Concord Street in Manchester, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.


The event details, such as presenters are incomplete at this time, but I'll ad them as they become available.


Visit the web site at:


Starting October, 2008


Introduction to Herbal Healing and Self Care


When: October to April, 7-9 PM

Where: Belchertown, MA

Cost: Call for details


Details: A six-month intensive. Covers Western herbal Materia Medica, formula making, case taking, Chinese Five Element Theory, Homeopathic First Aid, Flower Essence Counseling, plant identification, ethnobotany, and hands on herbal techniques such as poultices, tinctures, salves, etc.

Over 400 pages of handouts are included with the course. A certificate of completion is offered at the end.






This week, for our poem, I was thinking about the conversation I had at a Pentecostal revival I was at in Dover. As I mentioned, one of the people spoke to me about Jesus, and I was thinking about how very differently we all view deity, so this poem comes from that experience.

I call it “A mother had two daughters”


A mother had two daughters

One was frail, the other strong.

The first abed each day by six,

The other played all day long.


To sons one loving father had.

The older was adventuresome,

Ruddy, brave and strong,

The younger somewhat studious,

Gentle, loving song.


The daughters spoke of different mothers,

The sons of different dads

Each single parent seen as two

Through the experiences their children had


Perspectives give us different views

One being, many seems

Yet many claim their God’s the one,

The rest but foolish dreams.


© 2008, Deirdre Hebert