102608 almanac


Tonight’s almanac will be a bit shorter so that we can spend a bit more time with Greywolf. We’ll shorten the list of events, but they will still be up on the PaganFM! web site. We just wished to spend a bit more time with our guest.


So, looking at the weather:


And today is Sunday, the 26th of October. It’s the 300th day of the year. The 4th quarter moon is currently in Libra.

There are only 60 days until many credit cards are maxed out. Interestingly enough, an Anglican Bishop in the 17th century declared that the Earth was created on this date in 4004 BC, so the Earth might celebrate its 6012th birthday today. Happy Birthday!


Today is also the anniversary of the death of Sybil Leek, who passed into a higher plane on this day in 1982. Sybil was born into a family of witches, and even in her teens, she is reputed to have been sent by her grandmother to replace a distant relative as High Priestess.

Sybil was the author of many books on witchcraft, astrology and other occult subjects.


Monday marks the founding of the Circle Sanctuary in 1974 by Selena Fox.


Tuesday sees a void moon at 6:05 am, which enters Scorpio at 7:47 am. The New Moon will occur at 7:47 pm. The 28th is also the start of the Celtic Tree month of Reed.


Wednesday, the 29th marks the birth of Frater Zarathustra, born in Baltimore in 1939. He was the founder of the Temple of Truth in 1972 and for 17 years published and edited White Light magazine.


Wednesday is also the date of the celebration of the Feast of the Dead in which the Iroquois tribe of Native Americans honor their loved ones who have died.


On Thursday, the moon is void at 1:45 am, and enters Sagittarius at 6:41 pm.


Friday is Samhain, or the Wiccan Feast of the Dead. It’s also, interestingly the date on which Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses to the door of Whittenburh Castle Church, giving rise to the Protestant Reformation.


Saturday is November 1st, and is also the Catholic celebration of All Saint’s Day. It is also the end of Daylight Savings time, and at 2:00 AM, we’ll roll the clocks back to 1:00 am. Which means that we just might have a 3-hour episode of PaganFM!


Looking at upcoming events:

Prayer Requests

Every Sunday
Time: 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Location: Your own home
Notes: Please answer this request post stating your reason for healing energy and/or prayers sent your way. Prayer requests can be asked for other than healing and for other than yourself.
A white candle will be lit for you on Sunday unless you request another color to be used. This is a group event so the more people involved the better. Feel free to join sending out energy. Always keep in mind that requests are always done for the highest good of all concerned. This may mean the outcome may be different than we hope for. The spiritual healing work we do is designed to work in harmony with other treatment modalities, not as a subsitute.


Repeating event:
2nd Saturday of each month
New Hampshire Seacoast Pagans have their monthly meeting at Karnan House in Portsmouth, from 2:00 to 6:00.
This is an informal gathering for Pagans. Most of us are from the Portsmouth Seacoast area, but all are welcome. We provide free coffee and tea, and usually somebody will bring some food. There’s no agenda – just hanging out, networking and good conversation.
For more information about this event, visit:

The Gwiddon De Bedwin Stryd presents a New Moon Circle (Scorpio Moon)

Oct. 29th. 2008
At Gardenias, 11 Birch St. in Derry, New Hampshire

This is a New Moon Open Circle open circle led by The Class of 2008

Please arrive by 7:45 for the circle which begins promptly at 8:00 pm.

Directions: see website

Phone:  (603) 432-3977 

Website: http://mygardenias.com


Oct. 30th. 2008 Manchester, New Hampshire

Samhain! All Hallow's Eve Ritual

All Hallow’s Eve is upon us as the Wheel of the Year winds down. This is a night where we traditionally honor our ancestors and contemplate the lives of past loved ones. Come. Join us and honor your loved ones, your ancestors as we learn about Innana, the Queen of Heaven and her journey into the Underworld. Discover why and how she made the descent down to the Land of the Dead. Find out how her journey can be interpreted as lesson that teaches us that death is but a passageway to a new cycle of life. Join us for a powerful, special ritual of the Wheel of the Year: We will be entering the Darkness - metaphorically and literally as we work toward balance.

Uncanoonuc Circle is an open, eclectic Neo-Pagan group. We gather to celebrate the eight Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year with rituals open to the public. Since we are an eclectic group, each ritual we do is unique with a different focus as we try to hit upon the variety that exists. All the topics of the Sabbats are family friendly. Uncanoonuc CUUPS also performs serious energy work at the Esbats.

If you are looking for a new home, come and visit. If you wish to remain solitary yet need a connection with others or if you simply do not have the energy to celebrate on your own, then come! You will be welcomed.

Event Location: 669 Union Street in Manchester
Event TIME Details: 7:00 pm


The Art Of Magick with Christopher Penczak

Talisman Magick: The Art of magick Part Three
Wednesday, Oct 29
7-9:30 PM, $25 or $60 if you register and pay for all three by Oct 1.
Myths & Maidens189 Kelley Street, Manchester, NH 03102
 (603) 867-8465 
People all over the world, in every time, religion and culture carry charms, talisman and amulets to protect them from harm and bring the blessings of the gods and spirits. Learn about the art of talismans, including how to empower ones you already have, and craft new ones in the time honored traditions of magick. Natural charms of stone, metal, herb and animal will be covered, along with geometric talismans from planetary rituals, kameas and the use of sacred alphabets to empower your objects.

Event Location: 189 Kelley Street in Manchester
Event TIME Details: 7 pm to 9:30 pm

Directions: From North of Manchester:From the I-293 S toward Manchester. Take Exit 6 toward Amoskeag St / Goffstown Road. Take the ramp toward West Manchester. Turn LEFT onto Eddy Rd. Turn Right onto Bremer St. Turn Left onto Hevey St. Turn Right onto Kelley St. Go 30 yards and end at 189 Kelley St on the right hand side.From South of ManchesterFrom the I-293 N toward Manchester. Take Exit 5 toward Granite St. Turn Left onto Granite St. Turn Slight Right onto Main St. Main St. becomes McGregor St. Turn Left onto Amory St. Turn Slight Right onto Coolidge Ave. Turn Left onto Kelley St. Go 0.2 miles and end at 189 Kelley St on the right hand side.

Phone:  (603) 867-8465 

Keep your calendar open for November 2. Wendy Rule will be in Manchester, sponsored by New England Pagans and Witches.

On Nov. 7th. 2008
Gardenias Host's Witches'Ball at the VFW in Derry

Event Details: This is their third annual ball. Cash bar, DJ, food refreshments, raffles. Portion of the $20.00 cover charge go to the localfood bank. . Tickets are available at Gardenias Book Store
11 Birch Street
Derry, NH 03038
or by phone at  603-432-3977 
Their web site is: www.mygardenias.com

IF PAYING AT THE DOOR, PRE-RESERVATION IS REQUIRED through calling Gardenias (no exceptions)
Samhain Circle led by "The Gwiddon De Bedwin Stryd" of Derry, NH and "The Inner City Pagan Circle" of Boston Ma.
At Midnight. Circle is to honor those in our lives that have passed. Please feel free to bring a momentom for the alter.
Carnations will be provided.
Please note that the VFW Post is private and smoking is allowed, so there will be a smoking section located at the back door section of the hall.

Thsi is at the VFW, located at 18 Railroad Avenue in Derry
Event TIME : 7pm-midnight Samhain Circle Midnight

Sunday, December 21, we'll celebrate Yule, or the Winter Solstice. In honor of that day, we'll celebrate the solstice, here at PaganFM! You're invited to attend a solstice ritual right here at the station. We'll have the ritual, then cakes and ale (non-alcoholic), fellowship, and then start the radio program as usual, at midnight. Consider joining us, and send us an email at dee@paganfm.com so that we can know how many people to expect and plan accordingly.

© 2008, Deirdre Hebert