Ask PaganFM! 10-12-08


This week’s question came from Melissa


She asked “Are there any magical practices or rituals that are performed to manifest and make things come true -- regardless of their intent? I have a journal that's about three hundred pages long filled with things that I want to be manifested and make reality. It's 100% realistic that can actually happen in real life and I want them to come true. It goes by chronological order also, through the future years of 2009-2020. It deals with love, friendships, breakups, adventure, most significant events, etc. Is this possible?


Looking at this, and realizing some of the things that have happened in my own life, I was thinking of a spell that might help, and this is the spell.So, a spell to make multiple things happen ...


What you'll need:

Some natural fiber rope, about 1/4" (6 mm or so) in diameter. There should be three pieces long enough to weave together, enclosing each of the following items.

A flower, feather, thread or other items, representing each of your desires. Choose colorful things that are pleasant to look at, but still remind you of your goals.


Self-lighting charcoal, and a blend of resin incense, and a suitable vessel in which to burn it. If you don't have anything for this purpose, a glass bowl, filled with sand upon which the charcoal can be set will work. (This is charcoal designed specifically for burning incense, and can be bought in many natural food / metaphysical shops.)


As you have many items, the cords will likely be long, and this may take a while to complete. Find at least a complete morning to work this, after you have gathered the materials.


Upon awakening, make sure your materials are set in place. Skip breakfast, unless you have a medical condition which says you should eat. While bathing or showering, visualize all the bindings which have been holding you back from completing your desires being washed away. Thank the gods and goddesses whom you work with for unfettering you from your goals.


Dress in clothing that reminds you of the success you seek.


You've still not broken your fast, and will begin working.


Tie or bind somehow, the three cords together to begin a weave. At the first part of the weave, weave the symbol of your first desire into the cords. Intensely visualize that your goals are happening. Look at your face as they come to pass. See your happiness, confidence and joy increasing. Look at the faces of others affected by your success.


Take time with each goal. As you braid, visualize the energy of your convictions and desire being woven into this cord.


Keep a record of each item woven into the cord.


This isn't somethig that should be taken quickly. When the pangs of hunger disturb you, remind yourself that you are doing a work of sacrifice for the sake of gaining what you desire. Putting off hunger for a short while is symbolic of the sacrifices that might need to be made to attain your goals. Use that energy and weave it into the cord.


When you've completed the entire cord, set it somewhere that you can see it. Hang it, perhaps, over the door to your home or room. Each day, as you leave to go to work or school, look at that cord and remember your goals. Remember the energy that you put into this cord. Remember that these are the goals that you are working toward, and that deity is opening the doors, just as  you are opening that physical door, to bring these things to you.


After you've finished, eat a healthy meal of grounding and thanks. This will bring you back to the physical world after an intensely spiritual work.


If one thing comes to pass, use the record of the items in the cord to remove it, and to thank deity. Then, bury that item as an offering of thanks.



So, having sent that off to Melissa, I received another email:


She said “Really! That was it, wow thank you. Just making sure, but are you sure this will make my over 500-paged journal manifest into reality? Again, it's filled with several of hundreds of events inside dealing with love, friendship, etc (like a story), that is in chronological order from the future of 2009 to 2020/2030s.”


To be a little clearer, I offered the following:


Please remember that the spell is only a part of the process ... it opens doors.


In our lives though, when we see those doors open, we need to take the step through them. I did something some years ago, similar to that. One of the goals I had was to start a business. Office space opened up, but I still needed to take the step to rent it. When business comes along, I can't be too afraid to take it on.


Another goal of mine was to host a pagan radio program. I needed to accept the responsibility that entailed. I needed to be ready to do that program, every week of the year.


I wanted that program to be podcast. I needed to contact artists to permit that to happen. I need to come into my office every Sunday, after getting home at 3 or 4 in the morning, to get that recorded show edited and out on Sunday afternoon.


I had damaged family relationships that I wanted repaired ... I needed to be consistent with those family members and to keep showing up and being there for them.


Magick can open doors ... magick isn't magic ... we need to take the steps when the doors open. Magick sets things in motion, but if we're lazy after things are in motion ... if we don't take advantage of what the universe is willing to provide, it will still elude us.


It's like a gift ... someone can offer us something, but unless we're willing to open the package, it's not available to us.


There is an old Christian story that's apropriate ... A man was listening to the news and heard that the part of town he was in was going to be flooded out. People should evacuate.


So, this man prays to god for salvation ... for deliverance from the flood. A few hours later, an evacuation bus comes by and the driver says "Come on in, we'll save you, we'll evacuate you to safety." The man says that God will save him, he doesn't need the bus.


Eventually, the water rises to the second floor of his house. A boat comes by and sees him. The driver of the boat says "Come on, get in the boat, we'll save you." The man persists that god will save him and sends the boat away.


The water continues to rise, and the man is sitting on his roof. A helicopter comes by and sends down a rope. The man rebuffs the rescue once again, the helicopter goes on its way, and the man is eventually overcome by the rising water and dies.


Later, he meets god and asks "Why didn't you save me?". God answers "I sent you a bus, a boat and a helicopter, why didn't you take advantage of them?"


Likewise, magick will not work without us stepping out and stepping through the doors as they open.


If you want a job, you still need to accept employment when it becomes available. If you want a good job, perhaps the doors are educational opportunities, or lesser jobs to start with.


If you want love, you need to be available and accept it (with wisdom and discression) when it comes to you.


If you want better relationships with family members, you need to be available to your family.


If you are looking for recovery from illness or substances or eating disorders, you need to be willing to put forth the necessary effort.


The spell begins the process by opening the doors. The cord reminds you to be aware of those doors as they open.


Will it all happen tomorrow? Who knows? Will each and every thing that you have scripted happen, in the order you wish, or as you expect them to? Who knows? I've found that it's rare that things happen exactly as I have planned. Often, when I'm willing to accept things as deity has them prepared for me, that things are usually better than I could have arranged for myself.


In any case, if 500 pages of scripted life expectations is what you are looking for, in exacting detail, that's probably not going to happen EXACTLY as you have planned. What I can promise though, is that if you take the chances that are presented you, that the THEMES of your life will unfold as you take the opportunities that are given you. You'll find that love, friendship and all that goes along with it. My experience has been that if I let the universe provide, while still expressing my desires, that what I get is usually better than what I thought I wanted.


I've done the spells to achieve what I was looking for. My relationship with a daughter who hadn't spoken to me in 4 years is amazing. She came by just today to go with her to the university library. She has asked me for help with her college writing assignments.


I have my own radio program now. I have one of the few (if there are any others) pagan on-air radio programs. It's now available as a podcat on Itunes. I just got a call not 2 hours ago asking if I could take on a work assignment. I've had the opportunity to perform civil unions for two gay couples. When I did a spell, similar to the one I gave you, a couple of years ago, nothing remotely similar to this was happening in my life.


Still, it all comes down to taking the frightening steps of ACTING when the moments present themselves. Spells are great, but they are not a substitute for action.


© 2008, Deirdre A. Hebert