Backfiring spells.


I’ve received a number of questions about love spells … no surprise there … but a few of them ask about backfiring. So, what are the repercussions of spells when they are done without thought, or maliciously? It does seem that love spells are particularly prone to backfiring.


So, what is meant by “backfiring”? Perhaps we can give a definition to “backfire”. If I were to do so, I’d say that “backfiring is the unintended effects of the magick that we work which leave us unable to disconnect from those works”. Basically, the spell has an unintended effect on the person who casts it.


In love spells, we might wish for another to fall in love with us, but find that instead, we’re unable to let them go. We might try a spell of retribution, but find ourselves beset with misfortune or ill health.


Some of this might be the source of what’s called the three-fold law, that what we do comes back to us three-fold. When spells backfire, we get burned … at least figuratively.


One person asked how they might know that the misfortune or obsession they find themselves struggling with are caused by the spells they cast. Here’s one thing that I know … at least for myself … if I’m acting recklessly, or without thought, and I start experiencing negative or unwanted changes in my life, the exact mechanics of these changes don’t really matter.


We don’t have instruments that can measure magickal power or gauges that respond to karmic force. But when we repeatedly see bad following bad, does it really matter that we can’t simply plug a meter into the circuit to detect the source?


I once heard someone say that if every time they ate beans, they got into an automobile accident, it wouldn’t take them long to stop eating beans. That makes sense to me. Likewise, if I kept doing love spells, and each time, rather than the object of my interest becoming more entranced with me, I became more obsessed with them, I might stop and consider that the obsession I’m feeling might be a backfiring spell.


It’s also interesting to note that love spells tend to become addictive. The more they fail, the more some people keep trying them. Some people go to the Internet or occult shops and pay for dozens, if not hundreds of them. When we keep buying something, beyond our ability to afford it, and feeding an obsession, that’s called an addiction. There are 12 step programs for love addicts, and if you’re continually casting spells or purchasing them because you’re obsessed with an individual, perhaps this might not be an unwarranted step.


So, I suppose that there are different sorts of backfiring. With most of the questions I get seeming to involve love spells, I’ve really kept this discussion to backfiring as it applies to love spells. There are other forms of backfiring … you might do a spell for money, and find that a wealthy loved one passes. You might do a spell to get a new car, and find that yours breaks down or is involved in an accident … these can all be forms of backfiring.


Still, there is no reason, if we act responsibly, think things through, and work only for the highest purpose of all involved, for any spell to backfire.


© 2008, Deirdre Hebert