011108 opening


This week marks some important changes here at PaganFM!


Regarding the podcast, weve had just about 9000 downloads, and will break the 10,000 mark this month. So, in addition to our live listeners, who we really cant measure, there are hundreds of you listening to the podcast. THANKS SO MUCH! If you get a chance, head on over to Podcast Alley at www.podcastalley.com. Select the religion and spirituality category, and find paganfm and your other favorite pagan podcasts and give us a vote. You can do that once a month, and it really helps offer us some feedback.


Also, PaganFM! has been picked up by the Pagan Radio Network. If you want to listen, here on the East Coast, you can tune in at 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM over at www.paganradio.net. You can also listen via Itunes on the radio tab. Just go to the religion section and scroll down to Pagan Radio.


I wanted to mention that our friend, S. J. Tucker has been a bit ill of late. She was in the hospital, having CT scans and Ultrasound done. She mentioned on Friday that an uninvited, but benign alien seems to be living inside of her, and shell have surgery soon. If you want to help her with the costs that shes facing, you can go to her web site at www.skinnywhitechick.com, and near the top on the right is a place where you can purchase her music to help defray her medical bills. Personally, Im amazed and so happy to see the response shes got so far. Lets keep up the good work. You can also find a link on www.paganfm.com that will take you to her site.


I want to thank a number of people who help so much with making this show happen each and every week. First, and foremost, is my amazing and wonderful co-host, Heather. The show itself is a lot of work, even before we get here, and having someone to share the time with, and help out with the simple logistics of doing a live radio program is amazing.


There is also Julia, who does the Mystic Moment segment, that adds so much to the show. There isnt one single pagan perspective, and having a variety here makes the program that much more special.


Weve had help and feedback from other podcasters, especially Greywolf at A Pagan Heart in Maine, Mojo and Sparrow at The Wigglian Way, Darkly Fey at The Dark Side of Fey. I also want to send a special thank-you to Ariel at The Druidic Craft of the Wise. Youve got an amazing podcast yourself. Keep up the good work.


Tonight, in just a few minutes, well be speaking with Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, who is truly a leader and an elder in the Neo-Pagan world. From the late 1960s through today, hes been shaping and molding, bringing neo-paganism to the world. The magazine he founded, Green Egg, has not only helped the development of the Neo-Pagan culture, but its helped shape the consciousness of an entire generation. So stay tuned, well be right back.


2009, Deirdre A. Hebert