Welcome once again to PaganFM! here on WSCA-LP, 106.1 FM in Portsmouth, NH.

I’m Dee, your Trans Sister DJ, here with Heather.


We’re here every Saturday night / Sunday morning, from midnight to 2:00 am.


If you’re old friends, welcome back … we’re glad to have you here … you’re the reason we do what we do.


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If you’re listening to the show as a podcast, what you’ve found isn’t like other podcasts, and that’s quite simply because it’s not really a podcast. This is a live, on-air radio program that we record, and upload as a podcast. You’re hearing a live show, warts ‘n all.


So, there are many ways to hear PaganFM! If you’re in the Seacoast area in New Hampshire, tune in at 106.1 FM. You can also hear us podcast on Itunes or at www.paganfm.com. We’re also on the Pagan Radio Network, Wednesdays, 7:00 am and 7:00 pm Pacific time.


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So, it’s February … Ground Hog Day, Imbolc. Depending on your tradition, there are many ways of celebrating. What will you be doing?


Some of us will walk labrynths, some of us will bless brooms or make Brighid’s Crosses, or a bed for the Goddess.


We might be celebrating the Sacred Marriage of the God and Goddess, or the first hints of fertility. Here, in New Hampshire, most of us can’t see the Earth returning to life just now. This year, more than most recent years, the Earth is still covered with snow. The river, behind my office window is still frozen over. In fact, it’s not been this cold at this time of year for a good many years. But the days are already getting noticeably longer. The seeds of life are in the Earth right now –

waiting to be awakened, fertilized, brought to life

by the gentle warmth, embrace and kiss of the  Sun as the God.


This is our world, and the wheel on which we live the seasons of our life lives. The river behind my office will thaw.

The sap in the Maple trees will run.

The snow will melt.

The ground will warm.

The abundance of life, hidden at this moment

Is waiting, anticipating, longing to burst open and embrace the Earth, arrayed in its many-colored garment.


We can’t prevent the winter. We can’t prevent the spring.


We might be damaging our Earth, many agree that we are, but however much damage we do, we won’t kill her. We might not survive, but our mother will. We might make the Earth inhospitable for ourselves, but she will survive, and life will survive, for billions of years to come.


We are on this wheel, for as long as we survive. The Earth spins on its axis, and moves around the Sun, as our moon orbits our planets. Things are always tugging, pulling, straining, and day and night, the tides, the seasons will remain.


Life will continue. Spring will follow Winter. The God and Goddess will come together in their marriage bed, and nothing we do will change their courses. The seasons, life, birth, death, love, joy, sorrow, creation, destruction and recreation … these things remain, these things continue.


Here at PaganFM! we can’t promise to be as steady or as trustworthy as the seasons, as the moon and the Earth and the Sun, but we’ll do our best. You can help though!


If you live in the Seacoast, NH area, and would like to help out with the program, one more person on our on-air team would make a huge difference. Heather and I are planning on going to some festivals this year, and we’d love to be able to do our program live, but we’d need one more person at the station to handle that end of things. It would also help in the event that I’m any sicker than I managed to get tonight. It would just help us to be sure to do a show each and every week. So, if you’re in the area, send me an email at dee@paganfm.com. Also, if you’re in other parts of the world, and something important is going on in the pagan community in your area, let us know about it. If you can record audio, send it along. We’d love to see the show grow.


I want to send out some shout-outs to the podkin. I’ve been listening to more and more of your shows … I’m glad for mp3 players, because there is simply not enough time to listen to them at the desk.


Greywolf, over t a Pagan Heart in Maine is recovering from a bad cold … It’s not fun. He did get out a PSA .. short pseudo-episode, and he plans on another full show soon.


You can hear Darkly Fey over at The Dark Side of Fey. She’s a clear-thinker, incredibly insightful, and has a marvelously pleasant voice to listen to.


Mojo and Sparrow can be found over at The Wigglian Way. These are two mature pagans who know what they’re talking about. Mojo is in the process of moving, and hopefully isn’t spending a homeless night. He had to be out of his old home on the 31st, but wasn’t allowed into his new home until the 1st. That makes for a very difficult move.


Hawthorne is over at The Spiral Dance with Hawthorne. This is a great radio-like program.


Aidan Odinson can be found at The Secrets in Plain Sight. You’ll hear great talk, and occasional ritual.


DruidCast is produced by Dave the Bard, at the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. In true Bardic fashion, you’ll hear excellence in talk, poetry and music.


Jay O’Skully is at A Witchery of One. This is one witch’s thoughts, well-presented.


Cliff, Susan, Alex and Jusint bring The Magical Earth Quadcast. Their description says it all: Four Wiccans discuss the world as it is, and all things Pagan as they are - bringing the energy of the four directions and the Divine into every Quadcast. Laugh with us, cry with us, join the debate or agree with us - as ideas and insights flow around the circle. Greetings from the Heart of the Continent! Welcome to the Magical Earth!


I’ve been having a bit of trouble getting John McNair’s program … Itunes balks, and I had a bit of trouble pulling it off the web. But I’ve been busy doing some work for someone this past week. Maybe it’s my firewall settings or something. I’ll let you know what it’s like when I get a chance to listen, but I wanted to let you know that The John McNair show is out there.


Also, Ariel is over at the Druidic Craft of the Wise.  Great show Ariel. For the rest of you, give it a listen.


Real quick, I wanted to share an email that I go today from Tammy. She said :Dee your wonderful show is a bright spot in my day.  The music that I find on your podcasts I have to run to itunes and buy--its GREAT.  You have deep insight and caring and it shows in your program.  You can hear the love.  Thank you for the blessings that you share.   I could go on and on but the whole show  (everyone on it) just feds my soul--thank you for all you do!

Keep up the Great work and know that your listener's are touched for the better by what you do!!  Thank you again!!

Brightest Blessings!!


Thanks Tammy, That came at just the right time, while I’m exhausted from this cold, but still working to get the show prepared. It’s great to know that the hard work that we all do, to put this together is worth it.


So, coming up tonight, we’ll have our PaganFM! almanac,, followed by Julia’s Mystic Moment segment, where she’ll talk about Essiac Tea. We’ll talk a bit about ritual on our Pagan Primer, and we’ll have a review of “The Veritable Key of Solomon” in our review segment.


Also, don’t forget to tune in next week, as Catherynne Valente will be joining us discussing her new book Palimpsest.


Stay tuned … I picked up a new album from The Gypsy Nomads, so we’ll be hearing some new music from that. Likely, we’ll play a few more pieces you haven’t heard before as well.


Give us a shout if there is anything you want to hear. The number is 603-430-9722, and you’re listening to PaganFM! on WSCA-LP 106.1 FM!


© 2009, Deirdre Hebert