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Pledge Drive.


In the midst of our pledge drive, I thought it might be a good time to talk about the spiritual aspects of charity and generosity. Im not talking only about giving your money to Portsmouth Community Radio but generosity and charity in general. Almost every spiritual path that is in existence, or that has ever existed for that matter, has emphasized charity and generosity. Christianity speaks of faith, hope and charity oftentimes, the words charity and love are intertwined. There was the concept of chivalry and of hospitality. At one point in time, to not show hospitality when someone was in need was a crime.


But beyond all the rule-like reasons for charity and generosity, there is a spiritual principle involved. Acting with generosity and charity is a statement to the universe that you are provided for. In acting with charity and generosity, we acknowledge that while we may have wants, that our needs are fulfilled.


When we make this acknowledgement, we are sending out the energy that tells the universe that we are acting from a position of prosperity. As such, this is what we will attract. Whatever system you have an affinity for, it seems to work. Karmic law returns like for like. The Wiccan three-fold law says that what we mete out, well receive three-fold. Christianity teaches that charity is rewarded. It just seems to be part of the system.


When we try to hold on too tightly to what weve got, it tends to slip away. Some people, in the midst of this financial crisis that were in have been removing their money from bank accounts, keeping it instead in their homes. Perhaps its the memory of depressions past, but really no-one who has kept their money in insured accounts in banks has lost a cent in this crisis as yet. In taking our money from banks, were risking theft, losing our money in a fire or something similar. Even in the best of circumstances, weve taken our money from a place which guarantees at least a certain amount of interest growth. If we keep it at home and do nothing with it, were basically watching it disappear as inflation constantly lessens the value of what we have.


Charity is the exact opposite of greed and hoarding. It does not call us to be foolish with our resources, but to use them wisely, and to help when we can. Charity comes from a position of confidence, knowing that our needs will be met.


So, coming up tonight, well have our PaganFM! almanac at about 12:30. Julia is back with another Mystic Moment. This week shell be discussing herbs that are of valuable use in the winter. A bit later, well have our Pagan Primer where well talk about circles of protection. Well also air an interview that we had with Cherry Hill Seminary. Cherry Hill Seminary is the only Pagan graduate school that I know of in this country. Also, at some point, well have a brand new segment called Ask PaganFM! Ive received a number of emails over the past few weeks asking questions about magick and paganism. I also get a lot of questions just in the places where I hang out. I figure that if one person asks a question, there are likely to be many more with the same question, just unspoken. So, that will be coming up later as well. If you have questions that you might like answered, by all means send them along and well take a look at them. That email address is


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