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So I got this amazing email on Thursday. It’s from Bob Andrews, who claims “14 years ago I was a witchcraft apprentice of a real-powerful authentic wizard in El-Maasara, Cairo, Egypt...”


Wow! What he was saying is amazing. Some of the other claims include:


“He was so powerful that he could summon the most wildest entities to help him complete his wishes, even materialize objects. He could enchant everything around him... influencing the nature herself with overwhelmingly impressive spells.”


“I had access to the "golden-chest" of old-powerful spells, rituals and impressive knowledge of witchcraft... and I've learnt…”


In part of his email, he explains that  It's NOT your fault that your spells and rituals aren't turning out like you want... YET.

The truth is... you've been misled by self-proclaimed powerful wizards and witches...
and the truth is that 99% of these 'professionals' are DEAD WRONG!

In fact, a lot of what they say will actually diminish your powers.

They don't want you to know the right way to cast spells because if you did, you'd never need
them again and they would lose their power!”


He seems to be offering us the opportunity to become his apprentice … if you send him money, you’ll be one of the privileged few who he will take under his wing and teach these ancient secrets.


So, I went to his web site, curious as to the scam. On the first page, you’re told that if you’re one of the first 500 … no wait … 500 is crossed out … if you’re one of the first 250 people who take him up on this offer, you’ll get three special books, worth $151.00 absolutely free … except that they’re e-books. I suppose the cover price might be possible for hard-covered printed books, but they’re not.


So, what we’re supposed to believe about Bob Andrews is that most witches really don’t know anything. Those of us who’ve been studying for many years have been studying the wrong thing, and have actually lost power.


But if we listen to Bob, we’ll find out the truth … that he really studied with a master, and, according to him, he can teach us how to make millions, curse our enemies. In fact his information is so outrageous that he makes the claim that “what are you going to hear very soon is so out-thinkable that will probably give you a "mental orgasm"...”


Wow! I only wish that my own teachers were that powerful!


We’ve all heard the saying … “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is”. Well, this not only looks too good to be true, but it looks ridiculous.


The sad part is that some poor suckers will buy into this stuff, thinking that they are inheriting true Egyptian “Witchcraft” techniques. It’s interesting that the ancient Egyptians had no “witchcraft”. They had priests, they had a religious system, but there were no “witches”.


Bob’s claim is that the stones used to construct the pyramids were so heavy, that ancient Egyptian witches used spells and potions to give the builders super-human strength. I guess that if we follow his system, we can all drink potions, cast spells and create invincible football and martial arts teams. Do you think that the Olympic Committee would then try to come up with new tests looking for magical residue?


Really … this sounds outrageous, because it is. To be absolutely fair though, Bob Andrews, if you’re listening to this, please write me. Offer some justification and proof to your claims, and I’ll do an on-air retraction of this statement.


For anyone else though, really, if you are seeing advertisements like this on the web … please save your money.


The truth about magick is that you aren’t going to find ancient spells from Egypt or long-hidden books from ancient Celtic witches.


Wicca, Witchcraft, the Occult … these are all techniques that people work on for a great deal of time. The secret to magick is INSIDE you; it’s not something you get from an ancient book.


Teachers help you find what you’ve got inside already. There is no spell someone is going to give you that will let you lift a 2000 pound rock. The magick for that is levers and wheels. There is no spell that is going to let you jump off a building and fly safely to the roof of another, or to career about like Superman. You can take inner journeys, or visit other planes, but your body remains safely held by Earth’s gravity.


The real secrets to witchcraft aren’t for sale … they are found inside you. Some people might write books, and that’s fine. You might help a teacher to live, bringing lunch to share during class, providing candles, charcoal, incense and that sort of thing. You might help your teacher with chores and that sort of thing … these are acts of respect, and recognizing that everyone has needs. But that’s different than paying someone $20 or more per month for the privilege of receiving “personalized” boilerplate emails that promise you something that simply cannot be delivered.


The Charge of the Goddess says it most beautifully … “If that which thou seekest, thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without. For Behold! I am that which has been with thee from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.”


The secrets are inside, and magick is an inside job.


Bob, in his “Old Witchcraft” email expresses that very human and very Western desire to have everything right now. It doesn’t work that way.


So, stay tuned … you don’t have to sign up for a $20.00 per month course. I won’t send you e-books with the secrets. And better than that, you won’t get spam email filling up your in box from me.


In some actual news that’s got me a bit riled this week, I think we all know that California narrowly passed Proposition 8. After millions and millions of dollars were poured into that state by activist Mormons, the anti-famier “American” “Family” Association, and other groups bent on denying civil rights to GLBT folk, it seems that some people are surprised that the LGBT community is upset. Some mindless people are surprised that a woman walking into the midst of a group of protesters carrying a Styrofoam cross actually, get this now, got pushed! How dare we, after people like Matthew Sheppard and others were killed by radicals such as this, have the gall to actually push a Christian, and knock a cross from her hands!


OK … I don’t advocate violence at all. But I do think it’s stupid to walk into the midst of a crowd to whom you have just denied civil rights and gloat about it.


I also think that the groups advocating denying equal civil rights are strange bedfellows. The Mormon Church and the American Family Association? Give me a break! The American Family Association is made up of mostly evangelical Christians who will outright tell you that Mormons aren’t Christians. It seems that these radical evangelicals are “bedfellows of convenience”. They’ll jump in with whomever will help them advance their cause. They’ll tell you that Catholics aren’t really Christians, but hop on board when it’s about abortion. Mormons aren’t really Christians, but “Climb on up Brother” when it’s about gay rights.


I also really take issue with their attempts at co-opting the word “family”, because it has nothing to do with family. What it has to do with is denying civil rights to LGBT people, and trying to impose their idea of a Biblical world view on everyone.


This is the sort of group that tells us that the evils of a conservative Islamic State are a threat to the world. Why is Islam so bad? Because of the way it believes Islam to be the only way; because Islam wishes to implement the principles of the Koran in government. So, other than the book they use, and the clothing the different groups wear, what’s the difference between radical Islam and radical Christianity?


I’m sorry, but when we are implementing in state constitutions clauses that would prohibit families from being insured, spouses from visiting their dying partners in the hospital and other absolutely anti-family policies, I get upset.


If you disagree with me, that’s fine. If  you want to rant at me about it, by all means send me an email at dee@paganfm.com.


Here’s what I do know … these people who preach the love of Christ on one side of their mouth, and hatred of gays on the other have no idea what sort of evil they promote. Or if they do, they are even more evil themselves. They don’t know what it’s like to be beaten, threatened, killed or left to die without medical treatment because of who they are; at least not here in the United States. And in foreign countries, even Islamic countries, it’s rare, and usually because they’ve broken the law and gone in there to illegally proselytize.


But these people have the audacity to claim that they are persecuted when advocating (at least implicitly) violence against homosexual people. “But we don’t advocate violence” they say. What are the headlines today? “Elderly victim of homosexual violence to file charges”. If you watch the video, you’ll see a 69-year old, obviously well-fed woman who says she was “peaceful”, didn’t want to file charges, but was convinced to by the police. Yup she was assaulted. Except that she has no bruises, she has no wounds. She was in a large crowd of angry people, purposefully edging them on, and was pushed.


So, these people who don’t cry out when LGBT people are tortured and killed are now raising the alarm because one of theirs who was stupid enough to protest in the midst of a contrary protest got pushed! Give me a break.


Anyway, I’m upset, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to rant.


I really need to calm down, because today, I wanted to talk about meditation, so I probably need to settle a bit. I think it’s important to get things out, but not to dwell on them. It’s important to be active for the things you think are vital, and I’ll continue to do that. But every now and again, I think we have to let our anger out in a healthy way. Not violently, but we do need to be aware of what’s going on.


So, coming up tonight, we’ll have some new music … I received a few disks this week. One is from Big Green … it’s their new album entitled “International House”. They sent along a few disks as promos, so perhaps tonight we’ll give one of those away. You know what … I’m going to offer two. The first person to call the station tonight will get a copy of International House. This album is so new that it hasn’t even hit the streets yet. So give us a call, and we’ll get that in the mail to you. The number to call is 603-430-9722, that’s 430-WSCA.


The second giveaway will be for a copy of their album 2000 years to Christmas, and that will go out to one of our podcast listeners. To make sure that it’s a podcast listener, what you’ll need to do is to send an email to me, at dee@paganfm.com, and include in the email, the text of the description of this week’s episode. That should be available tomorrow afternoon. I just want to give a chance for both live and podcast listeners.


In a bit, we’ll have our PaganFM! almanac. We’ll follow that with Julia’s Mystic Moment. We’ll have our Pagan Primer, and talk a bit about meditation, and we’ll have a review of  Christopher Penczak’s CD companion that is used along with his “Living Temple of Witchcraft”.


I want also to take a moment to give a shout out to the podkin. Years ago, radio broadcasts used to offer messages to listeners from other listeners. So, Greywolf … Julia loved Episode 20, on what Samhain means to you. She loves listening to you, and wants to meet you. Greywolf is over at A Pagan Heart in Maine.


Congratulations to Mojo and Sparrow over at the Wigglian Way. They didn’t win at the podcast awards, but they put up a great show for the pagan community.


I also found “The Broom Closet” with Lithe Wolf this week. The last episode came out in July, but she and her husband had just graduated from college, and didn’t have Internet access yet. It’s a great show though, and I’m hoping that she’ll put another episode out soon.


Hello too, to Jay O’Skully at A Witchery of One, Hyperion at The Unnamed Path, Aidan Odinson at The Secrets in Plain Sight, and Darkly Fey at The Dark Side of Fey. If you’re looking for great pagan podcasting, these are all great programs, and there are even more out there.


Here at Portsmouth Community Radio, we’ve got programming for everyone. Our news program is really getting going, and we’ll provide news of local interest to the Portsmouth area on Thursdays and Fridays at 6:00 pm, right after Democracy Now. Fridays at 6:10, you can catch Jean Proulx with Pawsitive Thoughts, which is a program for anyone who has four-footed … or finned … or feathered companions in their homes.


So, head on over to wscafm.org and check out the programming schedule. We’ve really got something for everyone.


And now, here’s a piece from Hecate’s Wheel. This is track 4 from their self-titled CD, Hecate’s Wheel, called “Home”.





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