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You know, the weather keeps getting stranger and stranger. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had more snow in the area than we have, before Christmas, since I was a teenager. Today we could break records for the warmest that it’s been on December 27. In a single month in midwinter, we’ll have a range of some 60 degrees, from about 0 to about 60, or -17 to + 15 Celsius.


Conservative pundits poke fun at people over global warming, saying that we can’t possibly have an effect on our environment because the Sun and volcanoes are so much larger and have such a great impact. What could we tiny people do?


Now when I was younger I heard about the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m fairly sure that these people have as well. On the one hand, we’ll hear from Conservative Christians and others who believe that God created the Earth, with such a precisely balanced environment that life couldn’t have possibly come about with only tiny variations. You’d think that such as these would honor that very precise balance, but they’re some of the first who say that we who demand an end to pollution are alarmists.


These same people say that God made them stewards of the planet, that it’s their job to care for it. Yet these are the people who want to drill for oil in environmentally sensitive areas, risking more oil on our shore lines. These are the ones who recoil at the thought of adding polar bears to the list of endangered species, and wish to remove others that may get in the way of making money.


Now admittedly, I’ve only been on this Earth for 50 years. My experience of weather doesn’t span a lifetime. But I know some things. If I got my water from a well, I wouldn’t be pouring my waste down that same well. But we’re putting our waste in our oceans and rivers. Sea dwellers are paying the price for that. But still, conservative environmental regulators seem to be of the opinion that “The sea is really big, so it shouldn’t matter”.


I know that in my home, I don’t want carbon monoxide or other pollutants in the air I breathe. Yet these god-fearing conservatives don’t think that auto emissions and factory emissions are a real problem. TONS of pollutants are cast into the air for all to breathe every hour of every day. Then again, our atmosphere is really big, so it shouldn’t matter.


I wonder if perhaps when even more species are extinct, that the same people who rail against genetic and embryonic research now will revel in man’s scientific abilities, thinking that we can solve the problem of extinct species by merely creating new ones through genetic manipulation? Are we to be their god’s new laboratory assistants? Rather than standing in awe at “what god hath wrought”, will it be “Look what we did?”


I suppose that’s one major difference between a transcendent God, one who is “there” and an immanent deity. That’s the difference between most Christians and Pagans. What they were given to conquer and control, we need to live in harmony with; to protect.


It’s also the difference between those who view the earth as a gift of a home, and those who view it as something to exploit for profit. It’s strange that a handful of dirt is at once valueless and priceless. There are some things on this Earth that once used, will not be replenished. Some of our resources are simply not renewable.


Now perhaps some conservatives are of the impression that if we need more oil, that God will simply create another pocket, granting us limitless resources for as long as we need them. Perhaps the God who “created” this planet will bring some cosmic scrubber along to take the poisons from the air and water. Personally, I don’t think so.


Our Earth was provided early on with a scrubber … it’s called our forests. We’re destroying those at about an acre per second. Like our sea creatures, our forests are disappearing, and with them, many species of animals, cures for disease, and knowledge that will be impossible to regain.


For those of you who laugh at environmentalists, you do so in the face of your own destruction. Some environmentalists are passionate. They strive to prevent destruction of the Earth through whatever means they can. Strangely enough, these people are called terrorists. The people who are systematically destroying the capacity of the Earth to sustain life have the audacity to accuse those who wish to maintain a survivable atmosphere terrorists. Go figure.


Well, that’s what had my blood boiling a little this week.


On other fronts, I thought I’d give you an update on the podcast. We really don’t have a means to track listeners on the air … anyone with a radio in the Seacoast area can listen, but we don’t really know who is at any time. On the other hand, I can get daily reports on how many people listen to the podcast. Right now, since September 21, there have been over 6300 downloads of the various episodes of the show, and the daily average for the past week is about 125 per day. Looking at the figures per episode, that means that we’ve got something over 300 regular listeners and that number is growing.


It’s nice to look at these things because one of my goals for the program was to create some sense of community among pagans. It’s really heartwarming to walk into a shop somewhere and to mention PaganFM! and have people recognize the show.


On the web site, we have a map, and it shows the location of the last 100 listeners. To date, the only continent where we haven’t had a listener is Antarctica.


So, thanks to all of our listeners, and thanks for your support. That’s what makes this program so worth doing.


I also want to thank Jay O’Skully for his kind words for our show on A Witchery of One. I’m glad that you appreciate what I do regarding LGBT issues. When I originally took over Eros Radio, that was the main focus. It moved over the years from alternative sexuality, to alternative lifestyles, and now to, I suppose, alternative spirituality.


I think that in spirituality, if we really consider it, that our entire being is contained in that one word. We can’t divest our sexuality from our spirituality. Some people do, but in a life that’s that compartmentalized, the self is no longer integrated. And that’s what leads to sociopathic behavior. If Someone can go to Church on Sunday, thinking themselves spiritual, and still treat people with utter disdain, then there is something psychologically unbalanced there.


And yeah, the list of transgendered people who were killed wasn’t an easy list to read. I mentioned to Darkly Fey, from The Dark Side of Fey, that I read through that list many times before reading it on the air. And that’s how I always get through something difficult like that.


I did want to mention a couple of new podcasts that I found this week. I got an email, along with a bumper from The Magical Earth Podcast. Thanks guys, and we’ll work on getting something out to you quite soon. The Magical Earth puts out a show just about each month, and has been doing so since September. In fact, their first podcast was September 22, the day after PaganFM!s first podcast.


There is also MoonShine with Tegan. If you’re interested in Paganism with a Southern accent, don’t miss this one. Tegan does a really nice job. She’s been around since June 1 and puts out a show about twice per month.


I also found The Pagan Poetry Talkcast, and there is some really good poetry there. Unfortunately, the last episode aired in August, and I’m not sure of it’s status. So, Maureen and Melissa, if you get a chance, let us know what’s going on.


And as always, a quick shout-out to the podkin that I haven’t mentioned yet … Mojo and Sparrow over at the Wigglian way … this is probably the flagship pagan podcast. Greywolf at A Pagan Heart in Maine … thanks, and bright blessings for all your help. Hawthorne is over at The Spiral Dance with Hawthorne, Aidan Odinson over at The Secrets in Plain Sight. There is also Catnip Brew, Pagan Centered Podcast, Mid-Michigan Pagan Podcast and quite a few others. Just go to Itunes and type in Pagan and you’ll find lots of great podcasts out there.


Also, don’t forget to vote for your favorites over at podcast alley. There is a button on PaganFM.com that you can click. There aren’t any prizes for this, but what your votes do is to let those who produce these programs know that you’re interested in them.


Coming up on future shows, we’ll have some really interesting guests. Oberon Zell will join us on our January 11 program. For those of you who don’t know Oberon, he was the founder of the Church of All Worlds, and he started Green Egg magazine which was the primary outlet for pagan thought for a large period of Neo-Pagan history. This one magazine actually coined the term neopagan, as well as polyamory, and introduced the Gaia theory, of our Earth as a living organism. In these things, this one pagan magazine has actually influenced a great part of our modern culture … not just pagan culture, but our American culture.


Oberon just edited a new book, which is a compilation of articles from Green Egg, which is called Green Egg Omelette. We’ll be discussing that book, and whatever else comes up on that broadcast.


On September 7, we’ll have a visit from Catherynne Valente who authored a book entitled Palimpsest. Catherynne is also a friend of S. J. Tucker, and in our event listing tonight you’ll hear about a project they are working on together.


We’re also hoping for a visit from S. J. Tucker this spring, so we’re looking forward to that.


So, thanks for listening. Be sure to let us know what it is that you like, don’t like, want more of, or whatever. We will listen.


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I also want to mention that on Tuesday, Burt Cohen, here at the station has a program called Portside that airs from noon to 1:00 pm. Well, Burt won’t be here this week, so Julia, from our Mystic Moment, and I will be filling in. He wanted to do a show about the pagan origins of  Christmas, but we’ll do something similar. We’re going to take a look at some traditional Christmas songs, and comparing them to some Pagan Solstice music, and discuss the similarities and differences between the various traditions. I’ll probably record that show and put it up as a podcast as well.


Anyway, that’s what’s going on here,

So, stay tuned … we’ve got lots of good things coming up tonight.