This week, for review, well look at The Living Temple ofWitchcraft, Volume One, Meditation CD companion.


(Disk 2, Track 2)


Guided meditation is a fairly complex activity. It requires things from both the individual who guides it, as well as from the individual engaging in the meditation.


On the part of the individual engaging in a meditative experience, it requires trust in the person who is leading the meditation. While a part of this can be gained by an existing relationship between the leader and the participant, thatís not always possible when the meditation is guided by a recording.


On the part of the individual leading the meditation falls the task of gaining trust, of creating a relationship. A great deal of skill is involved in being able to read the participants Ö does the leader have their attention, or is it straying? Should the leader work a little longer on the induction? Are they ready for a journey?


Christopher Penczak, in his meditation CDs shows his skill at being able to very quickly instill a sense of trust and calmness in his listeners. His calm and gentle voice, with the music of Edward Newton in the background create an easy journey for the listener.


This set of 5 CDs is a companion to his book, The Living Temple of Witchcraft, Volume 1. He states on the cover that these are not a substitute for his book, and that these are only a selection of exercises and journey music. This does not though, detract from their value as a meditation. If youíre looking though, for a complete experience, the text is also vital.


The set of CDs comprises a series of meditation exercise through the Chakras, from the root to the crown, each of them as individual temples.


Christopherís sense of timing is marvelous. His voice is clear, calm and creates a sense of trust. Edwardís music easily creates a channel for Christopherís voice, allowing the listener to enter a deep meditative state.


The disks have multiple tracks, but each meditation is constructed of the multiple tracks. For example, disk 2, part of which we heard just a moment ago, contains 4 tracks Ö the relaxation and countdown, Ancestral Womb, Seven Body Healing, and Finding Your Master Teacher.


These arenít individual exercises which one can simply do a few minutes at a time, but exercises that should be done, in sequence, as a whole. The clip we heard is part of an exercise that will take about 45 minutes. Itís worth taking the time to do them that way.


As with other meditation recordings, this is not an exercise that should be attempted while driving. It will induce an altered state of consciousness, and any dangerous tasks should be avoided while listening to these disks.


So, the CDs alone are great. The CDs with the book are even better.


© 2008, Deirdre A. Hebert