Spot the Intolerance!

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And welcome to this week's edition of
Spot the Intolerance!
This week our contestant is Linda, from
Boston, Massachusetts. Linda is a liberal Christian from one of
Boston's Congregational churches, and thinks that she can SPOT the

So, Linda, tell us a little about

Well, joan, I'm a Christian, and I
believe that God calls us all to love each other, and not to judge,
that judgment is reserved for God alone. I believe that the best that
we can do for each other is to show kindness, tolerance, and to be

Well, Linda, we'll see about that. Are
you ready to start the game?

You bet Joan!

Ok, Linda,
Our first example comes from
California. Recently, during one of the protests of Proposition 8,
aman  Christian woman entered the crowd of protesters with a large
styrofoam cross, and was actually pushed. The cross fell to the
ground and was damaged.

Acording to an article published on
American “Family” Association news, this scene demonstrates the
extreme intolerance of the Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered
community. According to the LGBT community,  it's an unfortunate turn
of events spurred on by an activist Christian, demonstrating to
deprive a community of civil rights in the midst of a crowd who had
just been told that a majority of voters, spurred on by millions of
dollars from outside radical Christian and Mormon organizations, that
they no longer had equal civil rights.

So, Linda, you have 10 seconds to SPOT

Oh Joan, I don't need 10 seconds.
Obviously, the voters and that woman in California are intolerant.
They don't believe that people are equal, and that civil rights
should extend to everyone.

Oh, Linda. I'm so sorry. That's the
wrong answer. Gays and lesbians should know better. After all, they
complain about getting beat up and killed and all that silly stuff.
And here they go pushing a good Christian woman merely for wanting to
make sure that marriage is kept safe, the way Bible believing
Christians say it should be. That's obvious intolerance.

Uh, Joan? Isn't the killing and beating
of gays intolerance?

You see Linda, how your liberal views
have distorted your thinking? That's not intolerance because crimes
against those people shouldn't really be a hate crime. It's a choice
that the gays make to be that way .... on to the next question.

Recently, in the State of Florida, a
challenge was made by a gay couple, to a state law that prohibits
them from adopting children. This couple has been fostering children,
and wishes to adopt them. They have, therefore, challenged the laws
of Florida, saying that it is unconstitutional. So Linda, SPOT THE

Well, Joan, that's easy. With the
number of children waiting to find good families, and there has been
no scientific evidence to show that children are harmed by growing up
in families that love them, even if they are gay, so obviously the
law is codified intolerance.

I'm sorry Linda, wrong again.


You see, your liberal brainwashing has
hurt you again. Any good Bible believing Christian knows that
children are better off in the foster care system, without loving
than with a family that's gay. Even if Gay people love them,
gay people can't really know how to love someone ... after all,
they're gay!

Let's move on to our third question.

Last year, we had great debate about the Employee
Non-Discrimination Act. But language that
would protect people based on gender identity was dropped from the
bill in order to permit its passage and gain support from moderate

Transgendered people became upset that
they were dropped from that bill, and have become angry at the Human
Rights Campaign
for supporting a bill without that language. The
human rights campaign said that it was better to fight for the
passage of a bill that would succeed, and to gain certain rights for
some people than to fight for a bill that would not pass, winning
nothing. A smaller victory is better than none.

In most states, no civil rights are
afforded to transgendered people, and it is difficult to gain support
for rights of any kind. This year in the United States alone, 17
transgendered people were killed that we know of, and there is no
mandate to record these as hate crimes. But still, transgendered
people are upset about the deletion of transgendered people as a
group supported by ENDA.


Well, Joan, there's a bit going on
here, but I'd have to say that the intolerance is with the people who
can't accept people of different gender identities.

Oh, Linda, I'm sorry. See, there's your
liberal thinking getting in the way of reality again. Obviously, the
transgendered people are intolerant because they want equal
protection and civil liberties. Obviously the gays are intolerant
too, because they can't get along with the transgendered people, but
the rest of society shouldn't be forced to accept any of these groups
because they are twisted and unbiblical.


OK Linda, here's our final question. A
few years back, a Wiccan couple with a child divorced. The judge in
the case decided that the child should not be raised in a minority
because it might be confusing, as he was attending a
Catholic school. He told both parents that as they were Wiccan,
neither had the right, even if they agree, to teach the child their

This couple voiced their objection, and
a higher court overturned the decision of the lower court.


Well, that's easy! No judge has the
authority to tell parents who agree that they can't teach a child
their religion.

Sorry Linda, Wrong again. Obviously the
superior judge was engaging in judicaial activism, and the parents
are intolerant for not accepting the lower court's opinion. You see,
Christian judges can be trusted. Others can't. It's intolerant to not
think of the child and bring him up as a good Christian. Even if you
are Wiccan, you should know that Christianity is better.

You see, you don't understand this
because the wisdom of god is foolishness to men. You have to believe
as we do, and then you'll be able to understand all of this.
But how can it be love and tolerance to
deny basic human and civil rights? Didn't the Declaration of
say that “All men are created equal, and endowed by
their creator with inalienable human rights?”

But the Bible isn't our law

Linda, Linda, You need to come to
understand. Why don't you say a prayer with me.

Uh .... no thanks. If this is
Christainity, I think I'm good.

And that, folks, is liberal intolerance
in action. If we don’t get banned for telling the truth, we’ll be back soon with another episode of SPOT THE INTOLERANCE. But until then, let's keep up the fight against gay rights, freedom of choice and all other things that interfere with
Good Christian Tolerance!

© 2008, Deirdre Hebert