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Julia Passamonti-Colamartino is an herbalist, artist and spiritual adviser. Her artwork spans a variety of media and speaks to her spiritual leanings. You can visit her web site at

If you're in the Dover area, many of the supplies that you hear about in Mystic Moment can be found at Dover Natural Foods, which has a well-stocked dried herbs department, as well as self-lighting charcoal, incense of various sorts, including stick and resin. They also stock incense burners and other materials. They can be found on the corner of 6th St, Lincoln St. and Chestnut St. in Dover.

In Episode 23, Julia will discuss Essiac Tea. Essiac Tea was developed many years ago by Rene Caisse (Hense Essiac, the inverse of her name.)

Essiac has been used by many people to help with cancerous conditions. The current episode will discuss this tea and its preparation. Should you wish to purchase the materials directly from Julia, please use the form to the right.


Recipe for Essiac Tea:


Herb Volume Weight Form % of Recipe
Burdock root 4.25 ozs. 120g pea-size cut 53%
Sheep sorrel 2.8 ozs. 80g powdered 36%
Slippery Elm bark 0.7 ozs. 20g powdered 9%
Turkey rhubarb root 0.18 oz. 5g powdered 2%

Essiac Instructions

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