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Environmental notes

These are the books that I've read and reviewed. I'll offer up reviews for books that I've read and appreciated. If it's here, I think it's a worthwhile read. However, just because a book is not listed here doesn't mean that I don't think highly of it. I may have not read it yet, or I may simply have not written a review for it.

The Living Temple of Witchcraft, Vol 1, CD companion Christopher Penczak
QuickPhase Pro Moon Connection
The Old Power Returns by Morven Westfield

Magical Aromatherapy Scott Cunningham
Hedge Witch Silver Ravenwolf
The Wiccan Mysteries Raven Grimassi
Drawing Down the Moon Margot Adler
The Joy of Ritual Barbara Biziou
Celebrating the Seasons of Life Ashleen Ogaea

Inner Temple of Witchcraft Christopher Penczak
Sea Magic Sandra Kynes
Bonewits's Essential Guide to Druidism Isaac Bonewits
Introduction to Astrology Dawne Kovan
Priestess of the Forest Ellen Evert Hopman
Wicca Revealed Pino Longchild