Welcome to the PaganFM! online marketplace. We'll soon have up and running a single place where you can purchase the books reviewed on the site, music and other items that we find value in. We'll be partnering with various vendors to enable you to bring in to your own home or circle the best in Pagan books, music and supplies.

You can shop as much as you like at Llewellyn, which will help support PaganFM!, or select from individual titles that I specifically recommend below.

I'll only list items here that I personally recommend. This doesn't mean that if it's not here that I don't like it ... it might be that I've not taken a look at it yet. But what you do see here are items that I personally have found value in.

LLEWELLYN.COM --> Reach for the moon with Llewellyn You can shop Llewellyn's entire inventory here, or select individual titles below.
Reach for the moon with Llewellyn Learn how to connect to the sea in your magickal works.
Reach for the moon with Llewellyn A marvelous Druidic teaching tale that leaves you hoping for more.
Reach for the moon with Llewellyn This book, by Scott Cunningham helped many discover that Wicca is available to solitaries as well as those in covens.
Reach for the moon with Llewellyn Another book by Scott Cunningham. Living Wicca helps you to take your faith, as a solitary, to a deeper level.
Reach for the moon with Llewellyn One of the best apologetic works on Paganism that I've seen.

We also have an afilliate agreement with Amazon.com. Here are some of the titles you can find there.

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