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Unfortunately, due to equpment / operator malfunctions, this week’s show was not recorded, so the podcast will not be available. But I’ll be setting other things up to insure this doesn’t happen in the future.

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Artist, Track, Album
Ann Licater, Into the Heart, Doorway to a Dream
Alexander James Adams, He of the Sidhe, Balance of Nature
Chalice and Blade, Pentagram, Wild Hunt
Damh the Bard, Merlin Am I, As Nature Intended
Blessings of Beltane, Cernunnos Rising, Wild Soul
Tuatha Dea, Irish Handfasting, The Tribe
Emerald Rose, Gwydion’s Song to Lleu, Archives of Ages to Come
Todd Alan, Burning Times, Carry Me Home
Spiral Dance, Pan, Live, Worts ‘n’ All
Robert Gass, May the Circle Be Open, Ancient Mother
Raven’s Call, Healer, Call of the Raven
Telling Point, Take the Path, Waiting for Nothing
Andrew Bako, Screams in the Distance
Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus, Children of the Earth, Chants of Balance
Frenchy and the Punk, Oh Jocelyne, Cartwheels
Gaia Consort, The Old Ones, Gaia Circles
Blackmore’s Night, Highland, Autumn Sky
Akashik, Pan Odin Baphomet
Alchemy VII, Follow the Eagle, Alchemy VII

On Sunday, April 12, Frazier Glenn Cross (AKA Glenn Miller) became a murderer – a mass murderer in Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, Kansas.

Cross was a white supremacist, who had expressed a great hatred of non-white people, Jews, and anyone else who didn’t fit into his racially pure Utopia.

Unfortunately, what is making headlines today isn’t simply the facts that Cross killed three people, but that he was an Odinist who killed three Christians. This has become specially disconcerting to the Pagan and Heathen community. What’s mentioned even less often is that while Cross had ties to Odinism in the past, his views had changed over the years. In 2008 he ran for congress, seeming apparently quite the monotheist rather than an Odinist. And by 2012, his views were essentially atheist.

Despite what news outlets say, Cross is not an Odinist who killed three Christians – he is a bigot, an exemplar of the white supremacist movement whose religion is hatred.

Some thoughts on the words we use.
So, last night, I got into it a bit with somebody. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to keep up with which words people find offensive, and I apparently used one which someone found offensive. It would have been nice if they had just told me they found the term offensive, and we could have discussed it – but instead, they became offensive, and I became defensive, and we both became combative. It wasn’t a lot of fun.

But it did get me to thinking – how should we react when we are confronted with something we don’t like? There are words that can be offensive to many – the N-word for example. As a transgender person, I’ve heard terms like she-male, which I admit, I find offensive. Then there are words like “Tranny”, which is popularized in the porn industry. But it’s also used by some who do not mean any sort of offense by it.

When I hear words, I try to gauge them by the motive of the person who is speaking them. If a person doesn’t intend it to be used as a pejorative, I try not to take it as such. Sometimes, we can alienate those who might be our allies by taking offense where none was intended.

For my part last night, I’m sorry that I chose to engage rather than understand, and I’ll consider that a lesson-learned. Hopefully, I’ll be able to sit back and think before I respond in the future.

Hi I’m Carl, and this is the Pagan FM Almanac for April 17th, 2014.
Please note that all moon void of course data is courtesy of
Today is Thursday, April 17th, 2014 and it is the 107th day of the year. The waning gibbous moon has been void of course since 12:29 PM today, and will enter Sagittarius at 10:58 PM. The Sun is in Aries.
The Moon will be void on Saturday, April 19th at 4:21 PM and will enter Capricorn on Sunday, April 20th at 2:35 AM.
The Sun will enter Taurus on Saturday, April 19th at 11:56 PM.
The Moon will be void on Monday, April 21st at 7:15 PM and will enter Aquarius on Tuesday, April 22nd at 5:22 AM.
The Moon will be void on Wednesday, April 23rd at 9:51 PM and will enter Pisces on Thursday, April 24th at 8:00 AM.
On this day, April 17th, in 1964 the Ford Mustang made its debut. On this one day twenty-two thousand of the classic two-seat, mid-engine sports cars were sold, on the way to over four hundred thousand that were sold in the first year alone.
In 1775, on the evening of April 18th, American patriots Paul Revere and William Dawes began their overnight ride to raise the alarm about advancing British troops. They were joined en route by Samuel Prescott, whom they encountered on the road. Good thing, too – Revere was caught and delayed by a British patrol, Dawes lost his horse, but Prescott managed to complete the route.
Later, early in the morning of April 19th, 1775, eight hundred British soldiers entered the town of Lexington where they confronted a contingent of seventy-seven American militiamen on Lexington Common.
The outnumbered Americans were ordered to disperse. Suddenly, a shot was fired. With all due respect to Emerson, that was to be the proverbial “shot heard ‘round the world”, for when the smoke cleared, eight Americans were dead or dying and ten more wounded. Only one British soldier was injured.
The British troops continued to Concord, where they tried to confiscate a cache of arms. Finding most of it gone, the Brits set fire to the building and contents that had been left behind. Meanwhile, miltiamen who were gathering around the town at the behest of Revere, Dawes and Prescott, upon seeing the smoke, thought the British meant to torch the town. When the Brits arrived at Concord’s North Bridge, they encountered nearly two thousand militiamen, and these were not happy militiamen. Upon realizing the extent of the opposition, the British commander ordered his troops to disengage and return to Boston, under American fire all the way. Of the eight hundred British soldiers that marched into Lexington that morning, only five hundred made it back to Boston. The American Revolution had begun.
April 20th is International 4-20 Day, a date on which the cultivation and consumption of cannabis is celebrated. The term originated in 1971 when a group of teens from San Rafael High School in – you guessed it – San Rafael, California, having heard a rumor about an abandoned cannabis crop, agreed to meet at 4:20 that afternoon to go search for it. Repeated attempts to find the crop, while unsuccessful, cemented the phrase “four-twenty” as a code for the activity, and more generally for the attendant activity of smoking up. The group, a sort of mainland Choom Gang, applied the “4-20” reference to the calendar to come up with the “fourth month – twentieth day” as a holiday. Whoa, dude!
April 21st is San Jacinto Day, a legal holiday in the state of Texas marking the date in 1836 on which the last battle of the Texas Revolution was fought, making the state of Texas independent of Mexico.
April 22nd is Earth Day, a day on which over one billion people in one hundred ninety countries each take some action to help the planet. Plant a tree, contact your government representative, or take part in an organized Earth Day event.
April 22nd is also National Jelly Bean Day. ‘Nuff said, you know what to do.
April 23rd is National Take a Chance Day. You know that thing you’ve always wanted to do, but were afraid? On April 23rd, just go for it!
Finally, on April 23rd in 2007, the VA officially added the Wiccan Pentacle as the thirty-ninth approved symbol allowed on military grave markers. This was the culmination of a near decade-long struggle by proponents against an unusually obstinate VA bureaucracy.
With apologies to Paul Harvey, now for some more of the story – in 1999, then Texas Governor and soon-to-be-President George W. Bush said, in an interview with Good Morning America regarding Wiccan soldiers practicing their religion at Fort Hood (yes, that Fort Hood) “I don’t think witchcraft is a religion, and I wish the military would take another look at this and decide against it”.
Apparently the VA bureaucracy took this statement to heart, as it was referenced in bureaucrats’ internal memos and emails during the years that the request to include the pentacle was being stonewalled. Finally however, after heroic persistence on the part of dedicated pagans nationwide, not to mention a lawsuit filed by Circle Sanctuary and Americans United, the application was approved. PFC Abe Kooiman, a veteran of WWII, and Jan Deanna O’Rourke, wife of Army Captain William O’Rourke, both interred at Arlington National Cemetery, were the first two to have a Wiccan Pentacle proudly emblazoned on their monuments in that sacred resting place, ironically during the administration of George W. Bush.
And this has been the Pagan FM Almanac for April 17th, 2014.

Practical Pagan
Long ago, there were no human beings, and there was no religion. And the Gods watched over the Earth, knowing that soon, one of these creatures who were their children, would soon give birth to a creature who would be able to know them.

In time, there came creatures who were able to work cooperatively – they had compassion, and were able to love and care for each other – but still, there was no religion, and while these beings could hunt cooperatively, and care for, and love each other, they were still unable to build cities, and to express complex ideas. The Gods looked upon these creatures, and recognized that there was but one thing they lacked which would enable them to truly differentiate themselves from the rest of the creatures of the Earth – and this one thing was language.

So the Gods thought long among themselves, trying to decide if it would truly be wise to bestow upon these creatures that special gift – for while it would enable these beings to rise above in many ways, it had many dangers as well. For language was a mighty gift – it enabled cooperation and the passing on of knowledge and truth – but it also facilitated domination and generational hatred and deceit. But in the fullness of time, the Gods ended their vacillations and granted the power of language to the creatures known as man, and then the creatures became fully human.

These human beings discovered that language made life much easier. With language, they could plan a hunt – no longer were they one simple group in search of their next meal together, but with language, they could plan a strategy – part of the group could circle around and drive their prey to an armed party in wait. This made hunting much easier. And with language, one could signal an unseen individual – and the two, hearing each other in a thick wood, were able to know whether the other was a friend or a foe.

They discovered that language gave them the power of abstraction – it was possible to teach how to hunt, or what plants to gather, without having to be in front of a creature or an object. A successful hunter or gatherer could tell his or her fellows where things were, and by what methods they retrieved them, and others could travel to that same location without needing to be shown first-hand.

Some of these people discovered that when they were in need of something, they could reach out to somebody that they seemed to remember – somebody that something that was inside of them, hinted to them, to whom they could call. The Gods gave them this knowledge, and knew that the people would one day recognize that sometimes, when they called out, someone would answer. It wasn’t always answered because sometimes what humans asked was not in accord with the great plan. But other times, when people sought aid or relief from suffering, and when granting that relief would not interfere with the grander scheme, they were happy to offer assistance.

Some humans discovered other gifts of the Gods. Certainly there was food – and plenty of it – at least the places where people first lived. But because human bodies, as those of all living creatures were inherently frail, the Gods provided herbs to help them heal their bodies. They also granted to some people certain intuitive qualities which would help them seek out these remedies.

Over time, people noticed that some had a deeper connection to the Gods – these were the Shamans. Such as these were trusted for their healing and their knowledge. These people often had great memory, and learned the ways and the laws of their people. They were the healers, the counselors, the wise men and women of all cultures.

Some of those who were so blessed proved unworthy of their gifts; some used them for unscrupulous purposes. Others, who were not so gifted, tried to pretend that such gifts were theirs. Over time, some discovered that if they claimed such powers, they would be able to control others. By claiming that they, alone, possessed a connection to the Divine, that they alone could speak on behalf of the Divine, they could demand things of other people.

Soon enough, cults grew around such people; this became the basis for religion. Instead of Shamans who spoke for the Gods, rose up priests to speak for the religions. Instead of men and women who spoke with equal authority, came a class of men who did not cooperate with the Gods, but who subjugated others.

Over time, the corruption of these institutions became apparent. No institution can remain both corrupt and individual. Among the people, the Gods blessed some with eyes to see this corruption, and courage to point it out. As the darkness cannot stand the light, these institutions began to crumble. Beneath the weight of their transgressions, their foundations began to crumble and fall.

And as these institutions fall, people begin to realize that placing faith in institutions is inherently unwise – rather, we place faith in our selves. We can still seek out wise people, and learn from their experience, but we must recognize that faith is best never placed in people, powers or personalities, but in our selves, and the Gods themselves, and in nature, as it was made by the Gods.

The Gods are once again raising up people who will show the way – a new group of Shamans. Some of these are still among the indigenous peoples, and others are reclaiming the old ways in a modern world. Yet still, the charlatans remain, to wreak havoc, to cloud the way, to obscure the path to truth.

It’s up to each of us seek out the truth where we can find it – to recognize that no way is the right way for everyone, and to accept each other’s pat as the right pat for them.

In time, we’ll regain some of the wisdom that has been lost, and we’ll manifest even new knowledge and wisdom. But it’s not going to happen until we’re ready to place our trust in our own native wisdom, and in the wisdom the Gods have granted us.



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