Would you like to promote an event?
Would you like to promote your business?
PaganFM! is downloaded nearly 7,000 times per week by people interested in the Pagan community. If you’d like to reach that community with your message, then PaganFM! is certainly a vehicle that can help make that possible.
Announcements of a non-commercial nature, such as gatherings, events and material of a public service nature will be aired on a space-available basis. Please send such announcements to, and be sure to include full contact information, date, time and other pertinent data. To insure timely insertion, materials should be sent at least 3 weeks prior to your event.

If you’d like to advertise something of a business nature, or if you wish to insure inclusion on a regular basis or on a particular episode; or if you would like a more customized ad, we can air such things on the podcast episode. Such ads will not air on the on-air version of the show, but will be available to thousands of listeners of the podcast each week. Space is limited as we don’t wish to air more than 5-7 minutes of ads during any episode.

Rates – per insertion.
30 seconds: $12.00
60 seconds: $20.00

Rates – monthly, 1 ad per episode
30 seconds $40.00
60 seconds $70.00
(The above rates are for written copy read on the show, or for pre-produced ads sent to us for airing. Please contact us with your requirements if you’d like us to create an ad for you.)

Longer terms, and production for your ad are available.