Pagan Broadcasting

I’ve been involved in broadcasting for some time now, and it’s been a dream to build a REAL Pagan Broadcasting network. To me, broadcasting and radio do not mean the Internet alone. Radio is radio – it is broadcast over the airwaves, and is not dependent on an Internet connection. Radio waves can travel through the atmosphere; we can point an antenna at the moon and send a signal there – or to most anywhere. And traveling at the speed of light, they will arrive.

Christians have many radio and television networks. Why don’t Pagans

The plan:

Starting with PaganFM! and a small transmitter in downtown Dover I’m going to begin airing Pagan material 24 hours per day. This will be a very small part-15 station, meaning it will have about a 1/4 mile range. I will eventually set up a streaming service and post instructions for others who wish to set up similar stations. Prior to that, material will be posted on a web site and people may download individual shows. Any podcasters who wish to have their programs on the network will be able to get in touch, and we’ll schedule their programs.

As this gets going, we’ll be seeking involvement from the Pagan community to grow this network. What we’ll be seeking is individual groups who are willing to operate real, licensed radio stations. Low power FM is not that complicated to get into, but I’d like to see us operate real, full-power AM, FM and Shortwave stations, beaming material around the world. This isn’t cheap, but the ability to construct and maintain such a system would demonstrate a level of credibility that would be meaningful.

I would also like to see television as well as radio. We could begin with Cable TV and a streaming video channel. Again, all of this will require dedication from broadcasters and from the community.

Phase 1. Phase 1 involves the creation of a studio in Dover, NH and getting it on the air and the web. We’ll be transitioning and producing more of PaganFM! from that location, which will include hosting concerts and other events from that location.
We’ll be purchasing and installing small AM and FM transmitters and testing them out. This will give us the ability to better help others who want to begin such stations – we’ll be able to offer a standard package to get other locations on the air easily.
Equipment needed:
AM transmitter & antenna ~ $400
FM transmitter & antenna ~ $400
Computer ~ $1000
Mixing board ~ $1200
Microphones ~ $ 800
Headphone amplifier $ 300
CD decks ~ $ 500
Recorder ~ $1200
Headphones ~ $500
Snake ~ $500
Cables, Mic stands, etc. ~$1000

We’ll also need our own Internet connection. Currently, Internet at that location is shared. We’ll need to provide the streaming service for those who wish to pick things up live instead of podcast.

So, is this something you would be interested in? Would you like to see it happen? As a broadcaster? A listener? A supporter? What sort of broadcasting would you like to see? This is something I want to do, but I won’t be able to do it alone – it will take equipment and services that I can’t afford on my own. But if you think it would be worthwhile, let me know how you would be willing to help. If you have some gear you’re willing to donate, great! If you would like to support this effort financially, that’s great. If you would like to work on it and get your hands dirty, awesome! But it’s not something we can start until we know that it will be supported by the community.

If you want to take part, please write at